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The Ultimate The Flash Quiz | 30 Questions

The Flash is one of the popular America-based comic strip superheroes. It is the creation of Gardner Fox and Harry Lampert, mainly for DC comics.

The character first appeared in the comic “Flash comics number 1” in January 1940.

Origin Story of “The Flash”

In the origin story of the Flash, a student named Jay Garrick was experimenting at midwest universities one night; he felt overwhelmed by the problematic water fumes and passed out. When he woke up after weeks, he discovered that he had become faster than a normal human being and could even pluck a bullet out of thin air. With the inspiration of the Roman God “Mercury,” Garrick creates a costume of a winged helmet, boots, a red shirt, and blue snacks with the symbol of a lightning bolt on his chest for fighting crimes.

After World War II, the comedic elements of “The Flash” were minimized by Julius Schwartz. Julius introduced a new strip of supervillains with other writers like John Broome and Robert Kanigher.

The dynamic work of young artists like Carmine Infantino and Joe Kubert made DC one of the top sellers in the Golden age of comics. In the year 1956, a new Flash appeared, and it was the time of the extermination of superhero comics by true crime, horror, and funny animal comics.

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Superpowers of “The Flash”
The superpower of “The Flash” is his super speed. It enables him to run fast but also translates into several additional powers. Super-speed makes Flash amazingly powerful! He can read, think, and react at incredible speeds. Also, he can vibrate at such a super speed that he can walk through walls.

Main Enemies of “The Flash”
All of the main enemies of the Flash are called “The Rogues.” They are led by Flash’s archenemy, Captain Cold. Captain Cold has a freeze gun that can freeze and, therefore, stop or slow down Flash. Other members of The Rogues include Mirror Master, Pied Piper, The Trickster, Double Down, and Heat Wave.
Fun Facts about “The Flash”

The Flash has a fantastic friendship with the superhero Green Lantern.
He often performs races with SupermanSuperman to compare who is the fastest, which usually ends up in a tie.
He can move so fastly that he can travel through time.
The nickname of “The Flash” is Scarlet Speedster.
The Flash can pass into different dimensions and other parallel worlds.

The Flash had mixed success in other media as well. The Flash live-action series debuted on TV in the year of 1990.

The long drama series was doomed to just two seasons, but Barry Allen returned to the live-action television series in “The Flash” in 2014. It was capitalized in “Arrowverse,” which is a collection of DC-related shows on the CW network.

The Flash made its debut in the DC Extended Universe in “Justice League” in 2017.