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The Ultimate Jaden Smith Lyrics Quiz | 30 Questions

Jaden Smith is the child actor seen in the movie karate kid. He has been a full-time musician for a long time and releasing many unique songs.

Jaden releases songs on his music label, MSFTS, which comes under Roc Nation Entertainment. His real name is Jaden Christopher Syre Smith, and he uses Jaden as his artist name.

Jaden Smith is a songwriter, Dancer, Rapper, Child actor, and the son of one of the best actors in Hollywood, will smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. Jaden’s breakthrough role was in the movie pursuit of happiness, where he was started with his dad’s will smith.

Jaden Smith also started in the remakes of karate kid and the day the Earth stood still. Jaden won the Best Breakthrough Performance award for playing Christopher in pursuit of happiness at the MTV movie awards held in 2017.

 Jaden Smith also starred in the movie the day the Earth stood still with Keanu reves, and this is also a remake of the classic sci-fi movie of the same name.

Jaden Smith also sang along with Justin Bieber in Never Say Never in 2011. The song was very hit in the music industry. Smith also released his debut mixtape called The Cool Café in 2012.

Jaden Smith got an immense boost in his popularity when he started with Jackie chan in the movie The Karate Kid in 2010, and this movie performed exceptionally well at the box office.

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Jaden Smith again costarred with his father in 2013 in the movie AfterEarthh. This movie went down at the box office and impacted the carrier of both the smiths. 

Jaden Smith was not content with his singing and acting, so we went to the fashion industry and created a pop-up store with a Korean designer named Choi Bum Suk. They sold clothes of unique design in the pop-up store.

Jaden Smith released his debut album called Syre on17 November 2017. The album did good, and it was ranked at number 24 on billboard top 200 charts.

Later on, Jaden released his next album in Erys on5 July 2019, and this album did better than the earlier one, and it was ranked at number 12 on the billboard top 200.

From 2013 to 2015, Jaden Smith was dating the model and television personality Kylie Jenner, and in the year 2015, he started dating the famous Instagram star Sarah Snyder.

Jaden Smith also worked in a Netflix series called The Get Down as Marcus, where he played a graffiti artist by the name of Dizzee Kipling. Jaden also gave his voice to the main character in an American Japanese animated show called Neo Yokio. The main character’s name was Kaz Kaan.

We have given a lot of information about Jaden smith and his acting and musical carrier, so now, if you are a true fan of Jaden, you should play our Jaden smith lyrics quiz.

In the quiz, you have to answer the song’s name from the lyrics, and at the end, you will see the score.

So let’s start with the Jaden smith quiz!