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The Ultimate Coldplay Lyrics Quiz | 30 Questions

You would be living under a rock if you haven’t heard of Coldplay and its songs. The present-day pop-culture reference is incomplete without Coldplay. Most albums and songs of Coldplay have had thunderous success.

They have topped the charts upon their releases, be it Hymn for the WeekendUp&UpYellowParadiseColoraturaAdventure of a lifetime, and the list goes on. 

While all consciously remember Coldplay’s songs, not many are aware of the details of the band. Let us dig deep and read more about the music sensation of the current age. Here are some Coldplay facts that you might not be aware of. 

Coldplay facts

First things first, Coldplay is a British rock band that has sixty-two music videos, nine studio albums, six compilation albums, six live albums, thirty-seven singles, sixteen extended plays, four video albums, fourteen promotional singles, and three charity singles. 

Now, these are some pretty huge statistics, and the numbers speak for the success that the London-based pop-rock band has tasted and the legacy it’s building. 

But, Coldplay facts would be incomplete without mentioning the names of all the band members. So, without any delay, let’s know the talents that have collaborated to form a phenomenon called “Coldplay.” 

Coldplay Band Members

Coldplay facts would be incomplete without the introduction of the rock band’s members. Let’s read a bit about them here.

Chris Martin 

The heart-throb who leads his mesmerizing voice to the band’s songs is none other than Chris Martin. He is the band’s lead vocalist who also plays keyboards, rhythm guitar, piano, and harmonica.

Jonny Buckland

The one man who co-founded the band Coldplay along with Chris Martin is Jonny Buckland, the lead guitarist and the songwriter of the alternative rock band Coldplay.

Guy Berryman

The Scottish songwriter and the bass guitarist of Coldplay, Guy Berryman also gives the backing vocals in the songs created by the rock band. He also plays instruments like keyboards, harmonica, and mandolin.

Will Champion

Another key member of the alternative rock band Coldplay is the band’s drummer and the backing vocalist, Will Champion. Besides, Will also sometimes takes the center stage as the lead vocalist in some of the live performances during the band’s tours.

Phil Harvey

While Phil Harvey is the former manager and the creative director of Coldplay, he is considered the fifth member of the rock band. This is because the band considers him as an integral part of the musical family that’s creating a buzz for quite a long time.

Formed in 1996, Coldplay came up with its debut single Brothers and Sisters, in the year 1999. The rock band witnessed a mammoth success with their song Yellow in the year 2000. 

In the same year, the alternative rock band also had its full-length debut with the album Parachutes. The success of the song Yellow is such that it still finds its place in most people’s playlists across the globe. 

The band since then has rolled out various singles and albums that straightaway touched people’s hearts.

Touted to be World’s best-selling music artist, Coldplay has won several awards and nominations. 

While the list is endless, seven Grammy Awards, nine Brit Awards, eight MTV Europe Music Awards, and seven MTV Video Music Awards are testimony to the fact that Coldplay is one of the best things to have happened to the music industry and the music lovers simply adore the band and its songs.

Now, enough swaggering about the band, it’s your time to prove your true fandom. Answer the question and know if you are real music and Coldplay lover.

We have made a Coldplay lyrics quiz, so if you are a Coldplay fan, then take this test and see how much you score.

Let’s start with the Coldplay quiz!