Wednesday, December 20

Am I Controlling In My Relationship Quiz

Controlling relationships can be as small as deciding what you wear and where you go to stalking all of your actions and your whereabouts. In a controlling relationship, one becomes dominant over the other.

Control in the relationship is a form of abuse. This is an unhealthy way of dealing with a relationship and adversely affects the relationship and your partner. Here are some signs that will show you that you are controlling in your relationship.

Signs That You Are Controlling In Your Relationship

  • 1 Isolating Your Partner From Friends And Family

Keeping your partner away from friends and family is one of the most common signs seen in relationships. Be skeptical about how often your partner checks their phone and who is texting or calling them.

You are telling them to spend their time with you, keep everything else aside, and keep your partner away from their best buddies or have a problem if they talk to their family for long. You try to put them away from anyone they rely on.

  • 2 Guilt Trip Your Partner

Guilt is used to make people feel bad about their situation or how their day has been going. You also make your partner feel guilty for spending time with their loved ones.

In other words, you manipulate your partner into feeling guilty about the pettiest things. One can also make their partner feel guilty about past happenings. This means taking control over the person entirely. 

  • 3 Jealousy 

Being jealous is a very common aspect is a relationship. However, letting it get to your partner harshly also means being controlling. You have no proof, but you still accuse your partner of cheating.

One does this because they have their insecurities and past experiences to deal with. They usually try to make themselves feel better about themselves.

  • 4 Blame You For Everything

Blaming one another is typical human nature. You will take the victim’s place and blame your partner for anything wrong, even if it is nothing to do with your partner.

  • 5 Get Upset When They Make Plans Without You

Sometimes we have to spend time with our friends and family, and you can not necessarily be a part of it. You feel your partner cannot have a life of their own and will not respect their need to have their me time.

You will bombard their phone with calls and texts to check on them.

  • 6 Criticism

You make your partner feel insecure and put them in a spot by criticizing them and their doings. You will criticize them about how they spend their day and dress, and you will talk about their flaws. You let them down in front of friends and outsiders.


Such kind of behavior can be destructive. It can also mentally destroy a person. If you observe such signs in your relationship, it’s better to take action and talk things out. It’s best to seek professional help if talking doesn’t make a difference.