Saturday, June 8

Should I End My Relationship Quiz

Every relationship has its ups and downs. Every couple is bound to argue or disagree on certain things as they love each other. We all experience difficult times with the people we love. However, at some point, you feel like you have lost that spark.

You feel like you have lost that connection or dont feel the same as you used to. You dont have the trust anymore. How do I figure out if I should still be with him/her? Understanding the good and bad moments can help you decide whether you should be together or part ways.

Signs You Should End Your Relationship

  • 1 Lack Of Communication

You eventually observe that there is no proper conversation between you. You both have minimal conversations, only essential things. This leads to no emotional connection; it makes you’ll disconnect.

You’ll feel unsafe, frustrated, and unimportant. You’ll become more defensive and lack empathy. This, therefore, leads to disinterest in each other. This is one of the primary reasons one resorts to ending their relationship.

  • 2 Change In Physical Intimacy

Lack of sexual connection doesn’t necessarily mean that your relationship has to end; other factors can also affect the consistency of sexual activity.

However, if the act’s passion and intensity have changed or you are no longer interested in your partner. That could be a sign that you no longer want to continue together.

  • 3 Spending Time With Others Than Each Other

Do you miss the times you’ll spend together after work hours and on weekends? All of a sudden, all those moments are just fading daily. You’ll come home to each other after work hours, but dont spend as much time as you’ll use to. 

The gadgets become a priority. On weekends you’ll have separate plans to party with family or friends but not with each other. This could also mean that ending the relationship would be best.

  • 4 Lack Of Emotional Connection

One of the critical signs of ending the relationship is a lack of emotional connection. When you are not connected emotionally, you dont feel vulnerable and open with your partner. 

At this stage, it’s hard to say if you can still save your relationship. The key to keeping the relationship going is being emotionally connected and invested in the relationship. If you feel that this is missing, then your bond may have gotten weaker.

  • 5 The Trust Fades

Trust is the foundation of any committed relationship. Trust is hard to rebuild; in some cases, changes in a person can change that, but if you’ve constantly been breaking trust by doing things your partner wouldn’t like. 

This could mean your relationship is at risk, and your partner would want to get out of it. 


Every relationship has conflicts; if your partner or you has any of these signs, a conversation at first would be advisable so that you can come to one base decision if you’ll continue the relationship or end it on good terms. Understanding is a must.