Friday, December 22

Will I Ever Get A Boyfriend Quiz

Are you stuck between wanting a boyfriend and things stopping you from having one? It is a common issue with us women these days. There can be various feelings, and it’s completely normal to have second thoughts.

Being single may have its pros, but it also has its cons. One always needs to have second thoughts before getting into something they’ve been doubtful about.

 Sometimes some things you are afraid of might not always be a matter of concern. Therefore, we’re giving you some of these points which might help you with your problems.

5 Things Stopping You From Having A Boyfriend

  • 1 Old Habits Die Hard

Our past doings always come up somehow or the other. Speaking of habits, it’s easy to get some patterns but difficult to leave. When it comes to dating, these habits are usually expected to change. 

You may go to the same bars and eating places with the same bunch of friends who might have got you into certain habits. Getting away from that is very important if you feel that will be a concern later in your relationship.

  • 2 Low Self-Esteem

Self-confidence may not seem much of a concern since you may think your significant one will not know about it. Yes, he will not know, but you know, and that can be one of the causes of unhappiness. 

You will not be open to experiencing new things as you will just be thinking about what bothers you .i.e about your life, body, or looks.

It’s essential to focus o making yourself happy first, and every good thing after that will follow.

  • 3 Expectations

Expectations always lead to disappointments. We always have certain things regarding a relationship or a guy, like they should do this, look like this, etc. This could be one of the reasons you need help finding a boyfriend.

Having prior expectations may lead to disappointments, as you should understand that everyone has flaws; no one is born perfect. Our flaws define our individuality and uniqueness.

Love builds well between two imperfect people because they help each other grow. So dont have unrealistic expectations.

  • 4 Trust Issues

One can have trust issues because of past experiences and being hurt in past relationship encounters. This usually makes us scared to get into something new as we think we will experience the same thing again. 

Life is all about new adventures and experiences, so not everyone you be with will hurt you as the previous one did. Getting a boyfriend may be tricky if it’s hard for you to trust people.

  • 5 Wrong Reasons To Date

First, it’s essential to understand if you are in a position to date someone; if you are, it’s purely because you want to get into a relationship.

People have various reasons to get into a relationship; maybe just for hooking up as they feel they may not get it without a relationship, or in some cases, it’s a rebound. These factors can spoil things for you as well as others. So it’s better to be safe than sorry.


These are some significant reasons one stops themselves from dating. Getting over them or taking more time for yourself will help.