Friday, December 22

Should I Have A Boyfriend Quiz

You must’ve heard people say, “Single life is the best.” It sure is, but at some point in life, everyone feels like having that significant other with whom they can be themselves. Everyone wants to feel wanted and loved.

Some girls dont feel worthy or need that kind of validation from that specific person, so they think having a boyfriend would help them get out of this void. Girls always feel like they need a boyfriend; some of you may debate this, but generally, this is how it is. 

Reasons You Should Have A Boyfriend

  • 1 You Feel Safe

When you have that significant one beside you, you feel like there is nothing more than them that you will want. You know that they will stand by you no matter what, i.e., through all the thick and thins of life. 

You know you will not have to deal with your low time and your wins alone. 

  • 2 Always Someone To Vent To

I am being honest here. Girls do need to vent. Whenever we have a bad day or something stuck in our minds, we usually go to our best girl pals or boyfriend. 

You know that no matter what, your boyfriend will spare a listening ear to all your chaos and even help you feel better. He will never make you feel like you are being insane for thinking such infact, he will help you in ways to deal with it. 

  • 3 You Dont Feel Alone

Remember those nights when something bothered you so much, and you longed for physical touch? You no longer will feel lonely, lost, or anxious. 

He will hold you down, hug you and make you feel better. 

  • 4 You Can Be Yourself

You might have the weirdest traits in you, but you wouldn’t have to be shy about them in front of him. You may think you have flaws and might not want to portray yourself in front of him with those flaws. 

You should know that one can only be in love with you when he has accepted you the way you are. i.e., with all your flaws and weirdness. He won’t look down on you. Being yourself is an immense pleasure rather than putting up a filter.

  • 5 You Learn Adjustments, Compromising, And Selflessness

Before getting into a relationship, it is all about your dreams, aspirations, likes, dislikes, etc. However, when your significant one comes along, you want to learn more about them.

You begin to make adjustments for them, you have a sudden change in your usual schedule, and whenever you want to decide on something, you feel their opinions matter as much as yours. 

You start being more giving.


It’s always good to have someone have your back and always be there for you. Love can not always be accurate, but the experience is worth living for.