Sunday, December 24

Is My Boyfriend Immature Quiz

They say everyone has child-like behavior even when they reach a certain age, which is not bad. However, if that affects your relationship, you may be dealing with a man-child here. We are not talking about men who like to play video games all day and eat junk for dinner; we’re talking about more serious issues than usual. 

You need to know the specific behavior patterns of an immature man, how those can affect your ongoing relationship with him, and how he may not be the man you want or desire. Let’s talk further about some signs of your man being immature. 

5 Signs Of An Immature Boyfriend

  • 1 Live’s In The Present

Many of you must’ve heard people saying, “Live in the present.” Living in the present is an excellent thing. Still, as you reach a certain age, you automatically start thinking about the future, whether it be your life or relationship. 

If your man isn’t making plans about tomorrow or the years to come, whether it’s related to his life or your relationship, then maybe he is as immature as a child is; children live for the present, and dont think of what’s going to happen tomorrow.

  • 2 Makes The Same Mistakes Often

Nobody is perfect; humans tend to make mistakes. However, if your partner keeps making the same mistakes repeatedly, it just shows how immature he is, and no amount of you telling him will change that.

He is immune to that behavior and is set in his ways. He doesn’t want to take that extra step and change things you have been telling him that doesn’t work for you.

  • 3 He Is Impulsive

When you’re a child or a teenager, you dont think of the consequences of specific actions. However, once you are an adult, you think before you act.

my boyfriend is immature but i love him

Things like your man kissing someone outside of his relationship can be an example of impulsive behavior. He won’t care about the later results of doing it; he will do it for the moment’s pleasure.

Teenagers usually do these stupid things. 

  • 4 Not Particular With Their Finances

Struggling with finances is okay, and working towards getting finances in place is even better. However, is of partner’s card keeps declining every time you go out, and he is putting himself in no position to improve that. 

There can be times when you have to pay for things as he doesn’t even bother to split the bill. This could be a sign of him being immature. It doesn’t affect him that you have to pay whenever his card declines or even if he tells you to pay. 

He might laugh it out or change the subject if you try talking about the issue.

  • 5 Selfish In Bed

They say your sexual chemistry is a reflection of your relationship. Do you feel he is the only one receiving all the pleasure, and you are not? You are only meeting his needs and not yours. 

This entirely means you are with a man-child.


Everyone can change; if your partner still doesn’t change his ways after you talk things out, then he is an immature man, and no amount of your telling will change him.