Wednesday, December 20

Is My Boyfriend Cheating On Me Quiz

Most of us have experienced cheating at some point in our lives. If you want to dig up some evidence or sign of your boyfriend cheating on you, you have all the means to do so. However, sometimes it may get a little too confusing, or you might be laid back or scared to do so. 

Cheating is subjective to who you ask- Some may take your partner conversing with another girl as literal cheating, or others may consider following someone on IG as cheating. No one can explain it better than you and have a conversation with your partner.

6 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On You

  • 1 Intuition

This is one of the most common and first signs girls have when they feel that there is something off about their man. Be mindful that not all intuitions can be accurate; this is where communication comes into the picture.

However, subconsciously, intuitions occur due to specific changes in behavior and other signs.

  • 2 He Is More On His Phone

Recent technology has made it easier to contact people and even to have affairs with women other than their partner. If your man has an extra email you are unaware of, or another phone, the number isn’t given to you. This could be a sign that he is cheating on you.

However, this can only sometimes mean cheating; he may have gotten it from his workplace. Therefore, a conversation is critical.

  • 3 Your Friends Notice The Tension

There doesn’t always have to be an act, yet friends and family notice the tension between you and ask you if everything is fine. You may be arguing more in front of friends and family. 

If your best mate or others have noticed signs, it’s time to stop, think, and talk. 

  • 4 He Gets Annoyed Quickly

When you ask him why he has been off lately or is so distant, he gets irritated and acts defensive. He tries to make you believe there is nothing wrong with him but everything wrong with your thinking. 

This can not necessarily mean he is cheating on you; he may have work pressure. However, if this frequently happens, it’s a matter of concern.

  • 5 He Blames You Of Cheating

He will ask you if you’ve been seeing someone else. He will accuse you of things he has probably been doing to make himself feel less guilty. Men are more direct than women. 

This doesn’t necessarily have to mean that is he is cheating; maybe something that has happened unintentionally from your side has caused him to say that.

However, if this happens numerous times, a conversation is a must.

  • 6 He Doesn’t Invite You With Him

Do you notice not being invited to his outings and office dinner parties anymore? He always asked you out when he had office dinners or parties, but suddenly, it stopped.

It can not necessarily mean he is doing it on purpose; he’s probably following office protocols. However, if he doesn’t suggest going out with him anymore, that might be a sign he’s seeing someone else, maybe at work or out.  

Cheating usually happens when a person has low self-esteem and does it just to show how much he has to offer. If any of these signs are seen in your partner, you should stop and start thinking.