Saturday, June 8

Do I Love My Girlfriend Quiz

Am I in Love with her? I’m sure this question crosses your mind a lot of times. It gets difficult sometimes to decide if it’s just an attraction or if you love her. Attraction can happen from person to person, but it’s challenging to understand when that one person comes along and becomes more than a friend.

Infatuation and love have a thin line between them, making it difficult for most of us to differentiate between them. Hence, here are some points that will help you understand. It would help if you gave yourself time to understand and analyze your feelings. 

6 Signs That You Love Your Girlfriend

  • 1 Her Opinion Matters To You

It could be about your career, core beliefs, lifestyle, or even your dressing sense, does her opinion matter to you along with yours? Obviously, you would want someone to love you and everything about you, which means you love and care about her a lot.

It is one of the significant signs that you are n love with her.

  • 2 You Picture Your Future With Her

You must have thought of a dream girl—the type you want to love and spend your entire life with if she is the only one you think of when it comes to thinking about the future, and she fits the type of girl you want to have.

This means that you are in love with her. However, if this is the first time you feel this way, it’s best to take it slow and give yourself and her time.

  • 3 You Think Of Her When Your Down

There are times in your life when you have setbacks and challenging times. Do you think about her and want her support? If yes, it means you treat her as an essential part of your life.

You want her to hold you down when situations are rough, which means you are definitely in love with her.

  • 4 You Share Good News

When you have some exciting news to share, be it related to your work or life, is she the first one that comes to mind? If yes, you are in love with her and want to share everything, whether good or bad.

This is what ideal couples in love do.

  • 5 You Take A Stand For Her

It is expected that one would take a stand for their loved ones, like friends and family, if there’s a fight or someone speaks ill of them, you would not tolerate anyone speaking ill of the girl you like as well. 

This signifies that you love her and want to preserve her sanity.

  • 6 You Sacrifice For Her

We all have certain things we need and want in our lives. We start sacrificing things, events, and adventures to see her happy. That signifies they mean a lot to you. 

It won’t matter if her happiness takes over yours; you’re in love with her.


Daydreaming about her and thinking about her in every little thing indicates you love her.