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The Ultimate Tool Band Lyrics Quiz | 30 Questions

Tool Band 

The Tool is a Los Angeles-based American rock band. Maynard James Keenan, guitarist Adam Jones, and drummer Danny Carey make up the band formed in 1990. Since 1995, Justin Chancellor has filled in for the band’s original bassist, Paul D’Amour.

The band has five studio albums, one box set, two extended plays, four video albums, fifteen singles, and eight music videos in their repertoire.

Band Members

Maynard James Keenan(1990-present) – Maynard James Keenan (born April 17, 1964) is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, record producer, actor, and vintner from the United States. Most people know him for his association with the rock bands Tool, A Perfect Circle, and Puscifer, where he is the lead singer and significant lyricist.

With Tool, he has recorded five studio albums and won three Grammy Awards, and with A Perfect Circle, he has recorded four studio albums. Keenan’s side project, Puscifer, has issued three studio albums.

Adam Jones(1990-present) – Adam Thomas Jones (born January 15, 1965) is an American musician and visual artist known as the guitarist for Tool.

He has won four Grammy Awards. Jones was ranked 75th in Rolling Stone’s Top 100 Greatest Metal Guitarists and ninth in Guitar World’s Top 100 Greatest Metal Guitarists. Jones, who has worked in Hollywood in special effects and set design, is also the director of the bulk of Tool’s music videos.

Danny Carey(1990-present) – Daniel Edwin Carey (born May 10, 1961) is a musician and composer from the United States. He plays the drums for Tool, an American rock band. Zaum, Green Jellö, Pigface, Skinny Puppy, Adrian Belew, Carole King, Collide, Meat Puppets, Lusk, and the Melvins have all worked with him on records.

In addition to being regularly evaluated by other periodicals, he was placed 26th among the 100 best drummers of all time.

Justin Chancellor(1995-present) – Justin Gunnar Walter Chancellor is a bassist for Tool, a progressive metal band from the United Kingdom. He also played bass with the band Peach. He formed the M.T.Void music project with Sweet Noise’s Piotr “Glace” Mohammed.

Former Members 

Paul D’Amour- Paul D’Amour (born May 17, 1967) is an American musician and Tool’s original bass guitarist. He left Tool in 1995. He has been the bassist for Ministry, an industrial metal band, since March 2019.

Onset Of Musical Career

After nearly two years of training and performing locally in the Los Angeles region, the band got approached by record labels and finally landed a record deal with Zoo Entertainment. Opiate, the band’s debut album, was released in March 1992 by Zoo.

The EP featured the singles “Hush” and “Opiate,” which the band described as “slam and bang” intense music and the “hardest sounding” six tracks they had recorded to that moment.

The band’s debut music video, “Hush,” emphasized their opposition to the Parents Music Resource Center’s promotion of music restrictions at the time.

Musical Breakthrough

Undertow, Tool’s debut full-length album, was released in 1993. The Tool went on to perform multiple times at the Lollapalooza event.

Despite being released with modified album artwork by distributors such as Wal-Mart, Undertow was awarded gold by the RIAA in September 1993. It also got platinum status in 1995 because of the surge in popularity generated from these shows.

By March 1994, the track “Sober” had become a successful single, and the accompanying stop motion music video had earned the band Billboard’s “Best Video by a New Artist” award.

tool band information

Tool released their second full-length album, nima, on September 17, 1996. (“ON-ima”). Tool headlined Lollapalooza ’97 in July, earning critical acclaim from The New York Times. The progressive-influenced album Nima eventually rivaled Tool’s breakthrough debut album in sales, propelling the band to the forefront of the alternative metal genre.


The Tool has won four Grammy Awards, toured the world, and released albums charted in several countries.

The Tool has received four Grammy Awards, performed extensively worldwide, and released above charted in several countries.

The band has garnered seven awards from 15 nominations, including one Billboard Music Award for Top Rock Album and one iHeartRadio Music Award.

The band won three Grammys in the Best Metal Performance category in 1998, 2002, and 2020. The group received a Grammy for Best Recording Package in 2007.

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