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The Ultimate Tokyo Ghoul Quiz | 30 Questions

Tokyo Ghoul is dark manga and anime series created by Sui Ishida. The series blends horror and fantasy elements into a modern shonen anime format.

The anime series was adapted and produced by Studio Pierrot, which also paved the way for many great anime shows, including Naruto and Bleach. The seriesfirst aired in 2014, and the sequel Tokyo Ghoul: Re aired in 2018.

The series has gained wide popularity over the years and gained a cult status among Anime enthusiasts.


The series of Tokyo Ghoul takes place in a world where creatures called ghouls to exist alongside humans. They look just like humans, but the Ghouls need human blood to survive.

Humans know about Ghouls; hence they hide amongst the human population without revealing their true nature.

The ghouls have special strengths and abilities, which make them formidable opponents. Into this mix, a half ghoul is artificially created – Ken Kaneki.

Ken Kaneki is an ordinary young man who, through circumstances, was made into a half ghoul with a higher range of powers than regular ghouls.

The story of Tokyo Ghoul revolves around the adventures of Ken Kaneki.

He has to survive now being a ghoul without harming humans and keeping a terrible secret.

Tokyo Ghoul quiz

Characters and Cast

Ken Kaneki, played by Natsuki Hana

Ken Kaneki is a nineteen year old university student who gets turned into a ghoul by his date and tries to kill him.

Ken survives the brutal attack but, in the process, gets some of her organs transplanted into him and becomes a rare form called Half-Ghoul.

He becomes part of Anteiku cafe and tries to blend in with the humans.

Ken tries to keep it a secret but is kidnapped by a ghoul-run terrorist organization named Aogiri Tree and was tortured.

However, he breaks free, cannibalizes by eating other ghouls, and becomes stronger. He also takes on the personality of the torturer, becoming a ruthless killing machine.

Touka Kirishima, played by Sora Amamiya

Touka is another ghoul who is part of Anteiku; she blends in with the humans and wants to lead an ordinary life.

At a very young age, Touka lost her mother to CCG, an organization that was created to kill ghouls. She takes revenge upon the team and is known as the “Rabbit” for her formidable fighting skills.

Shu Tsukiyama played by Mamoru Miyano

Shu is an elite ghoul who is known as the gourmet. He has a specific taste for blood and considers Kaneki the most exquisite.

However, he soon becomes friends with him, but it is never shown whether he is still considering him as food.

Yoshimura, played by Takayuki Sugō.

The old manager of Anteiku and a formidable ghoul is known as Non-Killing Owl.

He shelters at risk ghouls and has a mysterious past related to Aogiri Tree.

Reception and Accolades

Tokyo Ghoul was one of the best-selling manga, with over 1.6 million sales as a manga series.

The anime series became an instant hit with both critics and fans. However, the violent nature of anime and manga is banned them in countries like China.