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The Ultimate The Office Quiz | 30 Questions

The Office is one of the most popular American sitcoms in the world.

As the name suggests, the series follows the tales and lives of the employees of the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company in Scranton, USA.

The comedy series follows up a mockumentary style that follows up and showcases the real actions of the employees as well as close-up interviews of the characters.

The Office is an American adaptation of the original British series also titled the same, created by the legendary comedian Ricky Gervais.

However, the American version got more popular and is a regular meme material for the current crop of audience.

Much like its predecessor, the UK Version, the US Version of the Office is shot or filmed on a single camera set up to give It an authentic documentary feel.

The series aired in March 2004 and ended in May of 2016 with 201 episodes spanning over 9 seasons.

The Office also won many awards and accolades throughout its run.


Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell.

Michael Scott ( Steve Carell) is the Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton branch. He’s the epitome of goofy and believes he’s the best boss his employees ever got.

He has a knack for sales and wants his employees like Jim Halpert, Pam Beasly, and Ryan Howard to look up to him and become his mentees in greatness.

His catchphrases “That’s what she said” and his hatred for HR Toby is popular sitcom tropes that have been adopted into many TV Shows.

the office character

James “Jim” Halpert, played by John Krasinski


Jim Halpert is one of the main character and show pullers of the Office. He started as a Salesman and got promoted to Manager by the end of the show.

His love affair with Pam Beasly and subsequent marriage were some of the consistent parts of the Office.

Dwight Shrute believes Jim Halpert is his number one rival, and both often pull pranks on each other. Jim serves as the logical or intelligent sense of voice in a cluster of misfits.

Dwight Shrute, played by Rainn Wilson

Dwight Shrute is both a Salesman and the Assistant to the Regional Manager, a post which he calls Assistant Regional Manager.

He is a sycophant and cunning to hold power over the Office; however, most of his plans fall apart as the rest of the crew does not care about anything much.

He always falls for the pranks of Jim and Pam. He is also romantically involved with Angela and has a child with her.

Pam Beasley, played by Jenna Fischer


Pam started out as a receptionist and got promoted to the sales team. She is also the love interest of Jim and very loyal to Michael even though he puts her up to his ridiculous antics and plans.

She married Jim and had two children with him at the end of the series.

Awards & Accolades

The Office has received many awards and accolades, including 42 primetime Emmy awards and a Golden Globe award for Steve Carell. The series also won Screen Actors Guild Awards and a Peabody award as well.