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The Ultimate Shrek Quiz | 30 Questions

Shrek is an animated comedy movie franchise that was released in 2001.

The movie is based loosely on the children’s picture book Shrek, published in 1990 by William Steig. Vicky Jenson and Andrew Adamson helmed the film. It was both of their directorial debuts.

Dream Works produced Shrek, and to date, it is considered one of the most profitable movie series of Dream Works Studios.

The film has a star studded cast such as Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, John Lithgow, etc. It was highly popular with both the audience and the critics.

Cast and Characters

Shrek, played by Mike Myers

Shrek, the title character, is a gigantic green ogre. He hates socializing and enjoys his company to the core.

He is very intimidating and cranky. He is very proud of his frightening or ugly appearance.

He is also very territorial about his swamp. In the course of the movie, he is shown to have a softer side to him. He also loves Fiona dearly.

Donkey, played by Eddie Murphy

Donkey is a magic talking Donkey who is very annoying with his hyperactive and talkative nature.

He seems to be the antithesis of Shrek’s cranky and reserved nature. He is shown as very naive, often mistaking Shrek’s dislike of him.

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However, he often becomes the show stealer with his amazing comedies and is a loyal friend to Shrek. During the rest of the franchise, it is shown that he falls in love with Dragon that guarded Fiona.

Princess Fiona, played by Cameron Diaz

Princess Fiona is the daughter of King Harold and Queen Lillian, who has been cursed to become an ogre. The only way to reverse the powerful curse is to get true love’s kiss.

She is bold, fearless, and an expert in martial arts. She is a parody of every movie princess cliche. She only took on the whole damsel in distress mode for her parents.


Shrek, as mentioned before, lives all alone in his swamp, which he considers his property.

However, Lord Farquaad of Duloc removes all the fairy tale creatures of his dominion into Shrek’s swamp.

Annoyed by the unwanted attention of the swatters, he goes to deal with Farquaad, accompanied by Donkey.

However, Farquaad promises Shrek he will give him the right to his swamp only if he rescues a princess from a castle guarded by a dragon.

Farquaad wants to marry Fiona so that he gets absolute authority as a king.

Shrek tries to save Fiona. However, she was waiting for her One True Love; instead, she is stuck with Shrek, who also doesn’t want to do anything with Fiona.

On their journey back toward Duloc, both deliver feelings for one another; however, both mistake each other’s true intentions.

In the end, with Donkey’s help, Shrek unites with Fiona and kisses her, which turns her into an ogre, and she’s more than happy to stay in her real form.

Awards and Accolades

Shrek won numerous awards, including the first ever Animated Feature Film Award at the Academy Awards. Shrek was nominated for and won BAFTA awards as well.

Shrek first premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and competed for Palm d’Or.