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Mad Men is known to be one of the most popular and critically acclaimed period dramas worldwide.

Created by Matthew Weiner and was aired on AMC. Mad Men was produced by Lionsgate Television and aired from 2007 to 2015. It ran for seven seasons and had 92 episodes.

The whole show’s premise takes place in the 1960s and early 1970s. Mad Men revolves around the lives of the Advertisers working on Madison Avenue, which is shortened as Mad Men.

The main characters of Mad Men are part of Sterling Cooper Ad Agency, one of the top advertising companies in America.

The protagonist is Don Draper, the creative director of Sterling Cooper, and the show focuses on his life’s triumphs and tragedies.

Cast and Characters

Don Draper, played by Josh Hamm

Don Draper, as mentioned earlier, is the creative director of Sterling Cooper. He is incredibly imaginative and charming.

He quickly comes up with various creative ad campaigns for some of the top-rung companies in the country.

He is married to Elizabeth “Betty” Hofstadt and has three children, Sally, Bobby, and Gene.

However, Don Draper is an assumed identity of Dick Whitman, which he hides from everyone, including his wife. His marriage is often rocky, and he also has numerous affairs.

He supports and inspires Peggy Olsen to become a Copywriter, a rare privilege for a woman during the time.

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Peggy Olsen, played by Elizabeth Moss

Peggy Olsen started out as the secretary of Don Draper and soon became one of the top copywriters on Madison Avenue.

She is extremely ambitious and has a romantic relationship with Pete Campbell. She even had a child with him whom she left for adoption.

Towards the end, she ends up with Stan Rizzo.

Pete Campbell, played by Vincent Kartheiser

Pete Campbell is the ambitious account executive of Sterling Cooper.

He admires Don Draper and, at the same time, often occasions lock horns with him. He had a romantic relationship with Peggy but married Trudy for money.

Roger Sterling, played by John Slattery

Roger Sterling is the flashy and rich senior partner of Sterling Cooper. He was a Navy Veteran and had a hedonistic lifestyle. He is a famous womanizer and has occasional flings with Joan Holloway.

Joan Holloway, played by Christina Hendricks

Joan Holloway is Sterling Cooper’s manager and the organization’s head of secretaries.

Joan is an invaluable asset to the team.

Salvatore “Sal” Romano, played by Bryan Batt

Sal is the highly creative Art Director at Sterling Cooper. He is a closeted gay man who has a crush on Ken Cosgrove.

Bert Cooper, played by Robert Morse

The eccentric senior partner of Sterling Cooper. He is very interested in Japanese culture and a big fan of Ayn Rand.

Awards and Accolades

Mad Men won numerous awards, including Emmys, Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Satellite Awards, Directors Guild of America Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, etc.

The series also has widespread critical and audience acclaim.

Mad Men also has a unique record for the maximum Emmy nominations (17)without any wins.