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The Ultimate Pierce The Veil Lyrics Quiz | 30 Questions

Formed by brothers Vic and Mike Fuentes in 2006 in San Diego, California, Pierce The Veil is quite a recent addition to the rock band culture. Since its formation, the band has had four studio albums to its credit. They have also toured globally.


Mike and Vic Fuentes formed the band after their earlier group named ‘Before Today’ disbanded.

Initially, being the only members, Vic and Mike released their debut studio album in June 2007. The album was titled ‘A Flair for the Dramatic.’

Post the release of their debut album, the band hired new band members- bassist Jaime Preciado and lead guitarist Tony Perry. They began touring with a vigorous 3-month-tour schedule with new musicians on board.

Music Career

The music style of Pierce the Veil is said to be a mixture of pop-rock, experimental rock, metalcore, and emo. Due to the band incorporating Spanish musical elements into their songs, a particular term is used to describe their music. It is called ‘Mexicore.’

The band ‘Pierce the Veil’ released their second studio album ‘Selfish Machines’ in June 2010. ‘Selfish Machines’ made its way to the number one position on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart.

Akin to their promotion strategy after their debut studio album, the band continued to tour around the globe and collaborated with several other music artists.

The band signed onto the record label Fearless Records for their third studio album. They released their third studio album ‘Collide with the Sky,’ in July 2012. They released two singles for the album titled ‘King for a Day’ and ‘Bulls in the Bronx.’

Collide with the Sky debuted at number twelve on the Billboard 200. Like always, the band followed the release of their third album with many tours worldwide.

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They released their fourth studio album, ‘Misadventures,’ in May 2016. Two singles from the album- ‘The Divine Zero’ and ‘Texas is Forever’ were released beforehand.

‘Pierce The Veil’ is currently working on their fifth studio album.

‘This Is A Wasteland’

Pierce The Veil released a documentary titled ‘This is a Wasteland’ in November 2013.

The documentary has every detail about their first world tour- right from live footage, three music videos, and some additional content for the fans.

Band Members

Brothers Vic and Mike Fuentes were the founding members of the band.

Lead guitarist Tony Perry and bassist Jaime Preciado form the other band members.

Mike Fuentes left the band in December 2017 following allegations of sexual misconduct.

In a home rehearsal video of their latest song, fans spotted Mike Fuentes; this led to a mixed reaction from fans. Vic Fuentes later confirmed that Mike Fuentes would not feature in the next album.


Due to their robust touring strategy, Pierce The Veil managed to carve a niche for themselves on the San Diego rock scene quickly.

Over the years, they have been the recipients of several awards and nominations.

Some of the awards they received and got nominated for include- the San Diego Music Awards and the Kerrang! Awards, Rock Sound Readers Poll, the Alternative Press Music Awards, MTV Fandom Awards, Revolver Music Awards, iHeartRadio Music Awards, and Libera Awards.

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