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Nickelback is a Canadian musical band from Hanna, Alberta, formed in 1995. Chad Kroeger, guitarist and lead vocalist, Ryan Peake, keyboardist, backing vocalist, Mike Kroeger, and drummer Daniel Adair make up the band.

The discography includes nine studio albums, two compilation albums, one extended play (EP), 44 singles, five video albums, and 32 music videos.

Nickelback is one of Canada’s most commercially successful rock bands, with over 50 million worldwide records. It was named the most successful rock band of the decade by Billboard in 2009, with “How You Remind Me” being the best-selling rock song and the fourth-best overall.

The band was named No. 7 on Billboard’s top artist of the decade list, and four of its albums were among the publication’s best albums of the decade.

According to reports, the band has sold over 50 million albums globally as of November 2019.

Band Members 

Current members

Chad Kroeger (1995–present) – Chad Robert Kroeger, a Canadian singer, songwriter, guitarist, and producer, was born on November 15, 1974. Nickelback’s main singer and guitarist is his most well-known role.

Aside from Nickelback, Kroeger has been a part of several collaborations, serving as a guest musician on many tracks and contributing to production and composition. Kroeger has been a member of this renowned band for over 20 years, recording and touring.

Ryan Peake(1995–present)- Ryan Anthony Peake (born March 1, 1973) is a Canadian rock band Nickelback’s rhythm guitarist, keyboardist, composer, and backup vocalist.

He has been a member of Nickelback since the beginning and is most famous for his vocals on the songs “Savin’ Me,” “Hollywood,” and “Gotta Be Somebody.” Peake was in charge of the band’s initial funding.

Mike Kroeger(1995–present) – Mike Kroeger is a bassist from Hanna, Canada, born on June 25, 1972. As a member of Nickelback, he got nominated for six Grammy Awards. Chad Kroeger is his younger brother. Nickelback, his band, is his most well-known project.

Daniel Adair (2005–present) – Daniel Patrick Adair is a Canadian drummer, percussionist, and producer born in Vancouver on February 19, 1975. He is well recognized for his work with Nickelback and former project 3 Doors Down.

He’s also a member of the Canadian band Suspect and the Martone instrumental fusion ensemble.

Former Members

Brandon Kroeger (1995–1997)- Brandon Kroeger (born November 30, 1971) was Nickelback’s first drummer. From 1997 to 1998, he was a founding member of the band alongside his cousins Mike and Chad.

Hesher and Curb are two albums that feature his work. Mitch Guindon succeeded him and then got replaced by Ryan Vikedal, who worked on The State, Silver Side Up, and The Long Road.

Daniel Adair then replaced the current Nickelback drummer, who worked on The State, Silver Side Up, and The Long Road. After earning his CFA credential, Brandon passed the 2007 UFE to become a Chartered Accountant. In this job, he intends to “drum up” some cash.

Mitch Guindon (1997–1998)- Mitch Guindon is a Canadian rock drummer born in Hanna, Ontario. He began his career in 1995. He was a member of Nickelback in 1998.

He was only with the band for a few days, preparing material for the album “The State.” Ryan Vikedal took his position, and he stayed with the band until early 2005. Guindon now works as an auto mechanic and plays the drums in Fort St. John, British Columbia.

He is now a member of the band Anytown, including Ryan Hennessey, Mowatt Tyson, and Dayan Manning, who got nominated for a Juno Award. The band is putting together content for their debut album.

Ryan Vikedal (1998–2005)- Ryan Vikedal was born in May 1975. He is popularly known as the drummer for Nickelback. Vikedal served as the band’s third drummer from 1998 until 2005 when he got replaced.

Onset Of Musical Career

Curb, the band’s debut album, was released in 1996 by the non-profit organization FACTOR and was followed by The State, a self-released follow-up in 1998. The State was released internationally early the following year after the group signed with Roadrunner Records in late 1999.

Their album debuted at 130 on the Billboard 200 in the United States. The State released four singles, the first three of which all charted on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart in the United States. After a brief stint on drums with Mitch Guindon, Ryan Vikedal took over.

Musical Breakthrough 

Silver Side Up, Nickelback’s first new album for Roadrunner, was a worldwide commercial triumph, selling over 10 million copies and topping various album charts.

The lead single, “How You Remind Me,” was the number-one single in Canada and the United States. The Long Road, released in 2003, debuted at number one in Canada and number six in the States, selling over 5 million copies worldwide.

nickelback interesting facts

Nickelback’s fifth album, All the Right Reasons, was released in 2005 with new drummer Daniel Adair, and it became the band’s first Billboard 200 number one.

With 18 million sales sold worldwide, including 10 million in the United States, the album is the band’s best-selling record, earning it a diamond certification from the Recording Industry Association of America.

The lead single, “Photograph,” went double platinum after reaching number two on the Billboard Hot 100.


Nickelback has been honored by several Canadian award shows, including the Juno Prizes. The band got twelve trophies from twenty-eight nominations and the MuchMusic Video Awards, where the band received seven awards from fifteen nominations.

Nickelback has also won two American Music Awards out of six nominations and three Billboard Music Awards out of five nominations. The group got nominated for six Grammy Awards but didn’t win.

Nickelback won the World Music Award for World’s Best Selling Rock Artist in 2006, beating out artists such as Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Coldplay.

The group got inducted into Walk of Fame in 2007. In the same year, they got an award for the People’s Choice Awards for the category Best Group. In total, Nickelback has received 32 awards from 78 nominations.

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