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The Ultimate Megan Thee Stallion Lyrics Quiz | 30 Questions

Megan thee stallion is a dancer, model, and rapper, and she is from Houston, Texas. These are the album that Megan released in the past few years Make It Warm E.P.s (2017) and Tina Snow (2018), and Fever album (2019).

Her official name is Megan thee stallion, and her full name is Megan Jovon Ruth Pete, She was born on February 15, 1995, as of now she is 26 years old, and her height is 5 feet 10 inches; her nationality is American, Bexar county, texas, united states.

Two years ago, a video went viral online of a cypher Houston rooftop that showed 21-year-old women with ten rappers.

During her initial days when she started rapping, she arrived in gold heels, daisy dukes and performed her explicit lyrics over an instrumental version of drake’s” 4 pm in Calabasas.” very confidently, one viewer reacted in aww, “chick goes hard” in general.

Megan scored high numbers on major streaming platforms and also worked with Lil Kim and Trina, and later she signed a deal with

300 Entertainment.

Megan’s 2018 mixtape called Tina Snow got very popular and streamed 11 million times across all platforms. The southern rap scene was always male dominant, and Megan was one of the few female rappers who made her place in the scene.

Megan was an internet first star-like Saweetie, City Girls, Cuban Doll, Rico Nasty, Cupcakke.

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Megan Thee Stallion uploaded a clip of ” Stalli Freestyle” to her youtube channel. In that video, she gave a shoutout to her home town Houston which hit a million views on Youtube and reposts on Instagram.

The most significant influence for Megan was Late Pimp C of U.G.K., a texas rap icon. Her mixtape was noticed by 300 entertainment stars, such as Migos and Young Thug. Megan was the first female rapper signed by 300 entertainment in 2012.

When she was signed by 300 entertainment, they recorded a video where Megan pops champagne and says. “Trill hot girl shit” her mother, Holly Thomas, was also by her side in the video.

Her mother, Holly, was also a rapper in the name of Holly Wood, because of which Megan got experience of recording a song and rapping. When she was seven years old, Megan started writing songs, but she was uncomfortable telling people that she could rap for long.

Megan was studying health administration at the Southern University of Texas, where she saw her fellow male classmates freestyling, which motivated her to do the same.

Apart from music, Megan’s other Goal was to open up assisted living facilities around Houston. She also wanted to offer the job to classmates as she understood the struggle of not having a job after college.

When Megan wants to feel grounded, she looks up to her mother and even talks to herself in the mirror.

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