Thursday, December 21

How Physically Strong Am I Quiz


When it comes to physical strength, most people tend to assume that the bigger a person, the stronger they are, but you will agree with me that we’ve seen that assumption fail in wrestling matches, gyms, and other scenarios.

This shows that size alone does not always tell how physically strong a person is.

In fact, you can be much stronger than someone whose size and muscles are bigger than yours.

Some studies say that the size of a person’s bone determines their physical strength, but not every one of us would want to go through the hassle of seeing an orthopedic doctor in order to know if we are physically stronger than someone.

So if you are wondering how physically strong you are for your weight or perhaps wonder if someone is physically stronger than you, here are some ways to find out.


One way of knowing whether or not you are a physically strong person or if someone is physically stronger than you is your endurance level while doing physical work.

Are you usually physically active during work?

If you quickly get tired or exhausted from physical work, chances are you are not a physically strong person. But if you find yourself still working while others are tired or you are able to endure while others have already quit, then you are physically strong for your weight.

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Cardiovascular exercises like sprinting, jogging, stair climbing e.t.c and lifting weights require a great deal of strength to carry out.

If you find yourself doing great or getting better with cardiovascular exercises and lifting weights, it is safe to say you are physically strong.

If you lift heavier weights and run or jog longer distances as you progress in your workout, you can boldly consider yourself a physically strong person.


The ability to move your body quickly without so much stress or restrictions can also determine how physically strong you are. A non-flexible body cannot be termed physically strong.

Flexing your muscles will help you perform well not just with fitness exercises but also in carrying out daily tasks that require physical strength.

Carrying out stretching exercises like forward fold, seated figure 4 stretch, thread the needle stretch, cobra pose, and half kneeling triplanar stretch will help you figure out how flexible your muscles are.


Everything starts with the belief that people have about themselves.

A person can be flexible, have high stamina, be able to lift heavy weights, carry out heavy cardio exercises, and have all it takes to be considered the most physically strong person in the room.

Still, if they lack the confidence they are, they will never be able to see the manifestation of that strength. It all starts in mind.

First, you need to step into the mentality and mindset that you are a physically strong person and have all it takes to be considered one.

Develop the confidence of a strong person.