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Do I Need A Root Canal Quiz


When the tooth is infected, its internal structures pulp is infected, and an abscess formation is seen.

A person may experience a severe toothache, sometimes even swelling, which worsens over time, severe tenderness of tooth and gums and fevers, or a rise in temperature in the area you have swelling.

Root Canal Treatment is usually done by a dentist who specializes in Endodontics.


  • The dentist will see your condition and might employ a few diagnostic tests to check the underlying cause, and depending on them, he might advise the Root canal.
  • Certain times you won’t see any decay of the tooth or swelling, but the patient complains of severe pain.
  • So irrespective of the symptoms you experience, the dentist will ensure with the diagnostic methods and only then refer you to get an RCT done.
  • X-ray or a cavity test was done on the teeth taken and checked.
  • PAIN

With pulsating toothache and a sleepless night of severe pain, when you visit a dentist, the doctor will check the pain intensity of pain and check if pain triggers by external stimuli, hot and cold food, and then taps on the tooth and check if your tooth is tender on percussion.

When there is severe pain, medication will only ease the pain but does not entirely eliminate it.

do dentists lie about root canals

A small lump or a boil on the gums where you have toothache indicates there is pus formation underneath the tooth root. This indicates a root canal.

Swelling due to a root canal lasts for a few days to a month, and sometimes the swelling may spread to the neck, and patients usually experience radiating pain in the ears and even the back of the shoulder.

Every swelling does not indicate a root canal.


As the pus oozes out, the person might suffer from an unpleasant odor in his mouth.

Sometimes there won’t be any swelling or pain, just a gum boil or a foul odor from the mouth, even then, do visit your dentist.


When there is swelling in and around the mouth as a defense mechanism, our body produces lymph nodes, and you might experience fever or a rise in temperature in the swollen area, you find any of these symptoms, it is best to visit your dentist.

The dentist might put you on antibiotics if needed to decrease the infection.


So, it’s always better to preserve your tooth than to prefer endodontic treatment.

The endodontist will make the whole root canal procedure painless.

Anesthesia is used so the patient will not have pain throughout the procedure.

Now that you are diagnosed with getting a root canal treatment let us see the pros and cons.

Other than a root canal treatment or a tooth extraction, there is no other method to get rid of the infection.


During a root canal treatment, the infection and the pus from the tooth are removed so there won’t be any spread of infection.

Your pain will be gone, and now you can have a good night’s sleep without painkillers.

Good that you preferred root canal treatment over-extraction. So, you need not spend money on Implants.

You can chew and enjoy your food happily as there won’t be any change in biting forces.


After root canal treatment, you need to go for a crown, and you cannot ignore it as your pain is gone. You might notice discoloration of the tooth.

You need to attend all your appointments out of your busy schedule if you ignore these steps, you might have reinfection of the tooth.

A qualified dentist only will be able to do the root canal perfectly and strengthen your tooth by using suitable quality materials and making your tooth survive its function.