Monday, December 18

Do I Have High Standards In The Relationship Quiz

Most people keep specific standards in life. It applies to relationships too. While in a relationship, have you ever asked yourself, “Do I have high standards?”

When it comes to relationships, people have different expectations about their partners. People may select partners based on specific criteria.

It is normal to set some standards in life and relationships as well. But it could be complicated if the standards are incredibly high and unrealistic. Self-awareness is very much necessary for setting specific standards in life.

Generally, people aim to improve their lifestyle and become successful in life. They have goals to achieve. Many people prefer partners who can understand and provide support in life.

We must understand ourselves before setting standards in relationships. If we have incredibly high standards, it could be challenging to find a partner.

If you face issues in your relationship or difficulty finding a partner, you must ask yourself, “Do I have high standards?” You mustn’t keep any unrealistic standards.

do i have high standards in the relationship

Here Are Some Signs You Have High Standards In A Relationship

  • You Find It Difficult To Accept Anything Other Than Your Standards.

If you are focused and aware of your standards, you will not accept anything lower than it.

You deserve to live according to your standards. But you must always have clarity about your life and then only decide your criteria. Having unrealistic standards will ruin relationships.

  • You Are Not Ready To Give Up Your Goals For A Partner.

Having a set of standards is essential. Your partner should also be clear about these.

Sometimes you may find it challenging to adjust your standards for another individual. If you are adamant about your lifestyle and goals, you will not give up your criteria for your partner.

  • You Have Specific Solid Values And Ideas.

High standards may sometimes be confused with an arrogant attitude. A robust set of values and ideas can transform you into a person with high standards.

Some of the values could be honesty, loyalty, integrity, etc.

If you have high standards, it is nearly impossible for anyone to change your personality.

  • You Do Not Get Easily Attracted To Anyone.

A person with high standards will find it challenging to establish attachment with any random person. You may find getting a partner challenging if you have high standards.

You will not get easily attracted to anyone who does not fit your standards. The standards you set should be realistic ones.

  • You Give Importance To Your Preferences.

You will value yourself more than anything else if you have high standards.

Self-love and self-awareness are crucial in a goal-oriented life. You will give utmost importance to your preferences and criteria.

We all have the freedom to set standards in life. Have you ever thought, “Why do I have such high standards?” The only person who can answer this is you.

Your standards depend upon your goals and worldview. It would help if you had clarity and self-awareness before setting standards.


Love is not just the one thing enough to sustain a relationship for a long time. Each of us has our values, goals, and lifestyle.

We must choose a partner based on our standards. The couples can then understand each other and grow together to become more successful in life.