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The Ultimate Dark Souls Quiz | 30 Questions

Dark souls is an exciting action role-video game developed by From Software and broadcasted by Namco Bandai Games.

Dark souls happened in the land of Lordran; players imagine the role of a doomed undead character who started a pilgrimage to find the fate of their kind.

Dark Souls is considered one of the top video games ever created. Monitors praised the core of its combat, tangled level design, and use of aromatic text. Whatever the Game is considered tricky by few folks and accessible by few players. So it has a mixed opinion.

Finally, by April 2013, the Game reached over two million copies worldwide.

Two sequels were released in mid- 2010, whereas a remastered style got released in 2018.


Dark Souls concentrates on dungeon inspecting and the fear that triggers when players kill the enemies.

Like Demon’s Souls, the Game is the spiritual successor to King’s Domain.

The Game happens in an outdoor environment and uses a third-person view. The player tries various weapons and strategies to survive in a dark fantasy world.

Online traits let you share the play experience without requiring direct communication.

Considering the Demon’s Souls, there are many weapons, spells, and new groups. Players expected that the Game would be more challenging than expected, with more enemies and killing.

You can leave a message to co-players, looking at others’ deaths or player versus other players. The features were similar to the discontinued parts of online functions in Demon’s Souls.

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Another exciting aspect of Dark Souls is the Humanity system. There are two forms where the players can choose, the human form and the hollow form.

After the death of a player in human form, they go to the hollow structure. There is a chance to return to human form only after consuming a human item.


Once upon a time, Dragon ruled the world during the first flame manifests, figuring the difference between life and death, light and dark.

The player’s role is a cursed undead, locked far in an asylum. After skipping from the asylum, the player goes to Lordran to switch the bells of awakening. The bells made king seeker Frampton wake up.

The bells give the sign for players to ascend to Anor Londo, considered the home of Gods.

Gwynevere urges the players to succeed Lord Gwyn.

To full fill, this player must gain the lord souls, the watch of Izalith, Nito, and shards of Gwyn’s.


Drak Souls received the Game of the Year award by Game Revolution. They also received the same honor by IncGamers.

Best Integration of Online features award by The Daily Telegraph, Also nominated for the recognition of Best Director.

Additionally, they are up for Best Level Design, best sound design, best original score, best developer, and Game of the year.

In the 15th Annual Achievements Awards, Dark Souls won for Roleplaying, mainly multiplayer Game of the year.


Video games like this ranked among the best made because of their design and philosophy; they influenced many players worldwide.

If this Game sounds interesting, then give it a try.