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The Ultimate Mario Quiz | 30 Questions

Mario is a household name in the world of video games. Mario is the name of a character given by Japanese video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto.

Mario’s video game series sold more than 510 million copies.

Mario became visible in more than 200 video games after his creation.

Mario got represented as a short Italian plumber who lives in the Mushroom Kingdom. His main task is rescuing princess Peach from the Koopa villain Bowser.

Mario has a twin brother named Luigi.

Mario appeared for the first time in Donkey Kong on July 9th, 1981.

Shigeru, Yoichi Kotabe, Shigefumi Hino are the designers worked for the game.

Mario’s characters and the dressing got themed on the setting up of Donkey Kong.

After Showing up in Donkey Kong, Mario appeared in Mario Bros. Mario kick started to branch into other series of games.

mario which character are you

Charles Martinet gave a cute voice to Mario.

After showing up in super Mario Bros, Mario appeared in puzzle games, like Dr. Mario, main role games like Paper Mario and Luigi, and sports games like Mario Kart and Mario Tennis.

Mario also appeared in other Nintendo properties like the super smash Bros.

Mario got a chance to participate in crossover fighting games. Mario appeared in numerous Animation games and three series produced by DIC Entertainment.

Chris Pratt is going to give his voice in the 2023 film adaptation.

Mario is considered the most famous and well-known icon in pop culture.

Appearance And Evolution

Super Mario Series

Mario plays an essential role in the Super Mario series. Each game is different in its plot, but the final goal of Mario is to rescue Princess Peach because Bowser has kidnaped her. Mario travels around various locations, and on the way, he can collect many items and win over enemies.

Most all levels have an end goal, like stars or flagpoles.

He needs to reach the flagpoles to move to the following levels.

The series is divided into two sets by fans: the 2d side super Mario series and the 3d side super Mario series.

The most precious use of Mario got directed towards Super Mario Series. A wide variety of games were released, like role-playing games, sports games, and even educational games in the 1990s.

RPG Games

Super Mario RPG started on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The creator of Super Mario RPG, Yoshio Hongo, liked the character of Maria and predicted that Mario would fit well into the RPG format.

Yoshio expressed the idea to Miyamoto, and the meeting got clicked. The game was critical, and it became a commercial success. And it leads to the release of two more games.

In one of the interviews, Miyamoto expressed that Mario’s age is 24-25 years old.

Mario wears a long-sleeved red shirt, which has yellow buttons on it. He wears a Red cap M printed in a white Circle, brown shoes, and white gloves.

Mario has attractive blue eyes, brown hair, dark brown mustache.

There are many people and places named after Mario. Mario is a favorite video game played almost over the world.