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The Ultimate Blink 182 Lyrics Quiz | 30 Questions

A rock band synonymous with simple arrangements and a straightforward approach to music, yes, that is Blink-182. This unique style of the band made the band popular among listeners.

Blink-182 helped increase the popularity of pop punk in mainstream music. The music group has sold more than 13 million copies in the U.S. and over 50 million copies across the globe.


Blink-182 came into being in 1992 in Poway, California.

The band’s founding members were guitarist Tom DeLonge, bassist Mark Hoppus, and drummer Scott Raynor. Before setting on ‘Blink,’ the band had names such as Figure 8 and Duck Tape.

The band recorded a demo tape titled ‘Flyswatter,’ a combination of original songs and covers of popular punk songs. After touring and doing stage shows for nearly two years, the band recorded their debut album.

Music Career

Blink-182’s debut studio album, Cheshire Cat, was released in February 1995. Cargo Records released the album, and on seeing the popularity of the band’s lead single ‘M+M’s,’ the record label made the band record a video for it.

The band also drew conflict with an Irish band named ‘Blink’ and had to change their name to ‘Blink-182.

The band embarked on a nationwide tour to promote their new album and purchased a tour van. They named their tour van ‘Millenium Falcon.’

Due to the band’s growing popularity, major record labels such as MCA, Interscope, and Epitaph wanted to sign the band. The band released their second studio album, ‘Dude Ranch’ in 1997.

The band fired drummer Scott Raynor in mid-1998 due to his alcoholism. Travis Barker replaced him.

Blink-182 was known for its high-octane stage performances. Although the band emerged from the suburban South Californian punk scene, it slowly made its mark on the American rock scene.

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Over the years, the band kept evolving its musical style and blended catchy pop tunes with punk rock. Their lyrics were relatable, based on mature themes like adolescent frustration and relationships.

They released their third studio album in 1999. The album was titled ‘Enema of the State’ and was responsible for catapulting Blink-182 to stardom. MCA Records released the album.

Three singles from the album- ‘All the Small Things,’ ‘Adam’s Song,’ and ‘What’s My Age Again?’ became massive hits. The album was commercially successful, sold over 15 million copies globally, and managed to revive the pop-punk genre of music.

Their fourth studio album, ‘Take Off Your Pants and Jacket,’ released in 2001, was their first number one album in Germany, Canada, and the U.S. Singles from the album- ‘Stay Together for the Kids,’ ‘First Date,’ and ‘The Rock Show,’ enjoyed a lot of popularity.

With their fifth untitled studio album, released in November 2003, the band experimented with different musical elements. The critics lauded the ‘mature’ change, while fans gave a divided reaction over this transition.

Blink-182 went on an indefinite hiatus in February 2005. During the break, the band members focussed on their solo careers.

After five years, the band announced their reunion at the 2009 Grammys.

The band released its sixth studio album titled ‘Neighborhoods’ in 2011. The album’s singles, ‘After Midnight’ and ‘Up All Night,’ achieved moderate success, upsetting the album’s record label, Interscope Records.

After parting ways with Interscope Records, the band released their EP titled ‘Dogs Eating Dogs’ in 2012.

Current Band Line-Up

Blink-182’s current line-up consists of bassist Mark Hoppus, guitarist Matt Skiba, and drummer Travis Barker. Skiba and Hoppus also do the vocals.

Tom DeLonge, a founding member, quit the band around 2015 and was replaced by Matt Skiba.

The band released its most recent album in 2019. It was titled ‘Nine.’

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