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The Ultimate Arctic Monkeys Lyrics Quiz | 30 Questions

Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys are a British neo-punk rock band formed in 2002. It all began when Alex Turner and Jamie Cook were given guitars for Christmas in 2001.

They taught each other to play the guitar. Their origin place was Sheffield. They began the band with their school friends, Matt Helders and Andy Nicholson. They were students of Stocksbridge High School.

After the first debut album launch, one of their band members, Andy Nicholson, left the band. They were known as one of the first bands to use social media. They gained popularity and were viral among the netizens.

Members of the band

  • Alex Turner (Head vocals and keyboard instrument)
  • Matt Helders (Acoustic drum kit)
  • Jamie Cook (Guitar)
  • Andy Nicholson (vocals and bass guitar)
  • Nick O’Malley (vocals and bass guitar)

Out of the five members, Andy Nicholson left the band no sooner than their debut album was released in 2006 due to exhaustion from the heavy schedule of visiting multiple places. It led to the addition of Nick O’Malley, who joined the band in 2006 and has always been there.

The Early Career Of Arctic Monkeys

They earned their first paper in 2003 by performing at The Grapes, a bar & pub in Sheffield.

They made downloadable music for the internet in 2004, which began to attract many fans.

They signed up to Domino Records in June 2005.

Subsequently, they released the record-breaking single, ‘I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor’ on October 14, 2005. It became an internet sensation in the United Kingdom and topped the U.K. singles chart.

They also released their second, ‘When The Sun Goes Down’ on January 16, 2006. It was received very well by the audience and was immensely successful.

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It was then the album’s turn, whose recording was completed way back in September 2005, but it arrived for the public on January 30, 2006. But there was a high demand for the album; the order numbers were hitting the sky.

Due to this, the production house Domino Records had to release the album a week earlier than the decided date. It sold more than 360 thousand copies in the first seven days.

It was undoubtedly regarded as the fastest-selling debut album in U.K. chart history. Everyone’s word of mouth said Arctic Monkeys is the next Fad in the Music Industry.

Soon, the rock band hit rock bottom, following the exit of one of their band members, Andy Nicholson.

The Comeback Of The Arctic Monkeys


Following the exit of Andy Nicholson, the band had to bring in Nick O’Malley to fill in his shoes. With this new alignment in the band, they put in their top-notch effort and revived their band by releasing “Favorite Worst Nightmare” in 2007.

The band leader, Alex Turned, stated the new album is poles apart from the other ones, and the people did love it. It was #1 in the U.K. Albums Charts once again.

It also created havoc in the United States, entering the Billboard 200 at number seven.

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