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The Ultimate The Doors Lyrics Quiz | 30 Questions

The American rock band, The Doors is one of the most legendary rock bands in the world.

And their lead vocalist Jim Morrison is perhaps one of the most enigmatic figures of popular culture.

Their songs were based on the turbulent times they’ve lived in, the counterculture, and sold over 100 million records globally.


In 1965, Jim Morrison and Ray Manzarek formed the Doors. They met in Venice Beach, and Manzarek made Morrison sing some of his songs.

Soon drummer John Densmore and guitarist Robby Krieger joined. The band’s name was inspired by Aldous Huxley’s “The Doors of Perception.”

Music Career

The Doors started out playing small gigs in Los Angeles and had a residency in a bar called “London Fog.” The London Fog strengthened their bond and helped them get rid of their initial stage fright.

In 1966 they signed up with Elektra Records. The Doors titled their debut album after themselves and had many of their best works, including “The End.”

In 1967 they played “Break on through the Other Side” in the famous “The Clay Cole Show.” It reached number one on Billboard charts and sold over a million copies.

They had also appeared in the internationally acclaimed Ed Sullivan Show. However, the producers asked the band to remove the word “Higher” from the song for the audience.

The band never complied and stuck to the original.

The Doors used the Moog Synthesizer for their next album, “Strange Days.” They developed various new compositions that would inspire many later musicians.

In 1967, Jim Morrison was arrested by the local police when the Doors were playing at New Haven.

This incident caused ripples as Morrison was the first rock artist to be arrested onstage during a performance. This event greatly boosted both the man and the myth.

The band’s third album, “Waiting for the Sun,” was an instant hit and became the first album to reach the number one spot on the US charts.

However, Morrison was deeply into drugs and alcohol during this time while penning down many poems and songs.

In 1969, the Doors gave their most controversial performance in Dinner Key Auditorium at Coconut Grove, Miami.

During this performance, Morrison, inspired by an antagonist performance style, began taunting the audience with messages of love and hate. He then proceeded to show off lewd acts, which made the police take action.

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From 1969 to 1970, they came out with various albums and singles like “The Soft Parade,” “Morrison Hotel,” “Absolutely Live,” etc.

They have earned a name as the most controversial and influential rock acts in history by this time.

In 1971, The Doors started working on an album titled “LA Woman.” However, as fate would have it, Jim Morrison passed away three months after being released.

He was laid to rest in Poets Corner of Pere Lachaise Cemetery and became part of the Forever 27 Club.

The Doors, after Jim Morrison, did come up with various other albums like “Other Voices” and “Full Circle,” etc. but could not get into the same legendary make.

Awards and Accolades

The Doors was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1993.

The Doors got a “Hollywood Walk of Fame” in 2007. Rolling Stone named them 41 on the “100 Greatest Artists of All Time.”

“Light My Fire” got inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

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