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The Ultimate The 100 Quiz | 30 Questions

The 100 is a science fiction drama that aired on The CW from March 2014 to September 2020. Jason Rothenberg developed the series, and it has a post-apocalyptic setting.

The series derives inspiration from the novel series ‘The 100’ by Kass Morgan and had 100 episodes spread over seven seasons.


The 100’s ensemble cast includes Eliza Taylor as Clarke Griffin, Thomas McDonell as Finn Collins, Bob Morley as Bellamy Blake, Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia Blake, Devon Bostick as Jasper Jordan, Christopher Larkin as Monty Green, Lindsay Morgan as Raven Reyes, and Richard Harmon as John Murphy.

Other cast members include Paige Turco as Dr. Abby Griffin. Henry Ian Cusick as Marcus Kane and Isaiah Washington as Chancellor Thelonious Jaha.


The series follows the survivors from the Ark, a space habitat. The survivors have returned to Earth after a century of a nuclear apocalypse.

The first batch of survivors who return to Earth encounters the descendants of people who survived the nuclear disaster on Earth. The Earth has become an alien planet with its new dangers and wonders.

The Earth now occupied by the nuclear apocalypse survivors is different; twelve clans battle it out in the quest for power.

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The plot of season two includes the Mountain Men of Mount Weather, who were transfusing blood from Grounders to treat radiation and survive outside Mount Weather. The Ark inhabitants ally with the Grounders and name their settlement ‘Camp Jaha.’

Season three shows Camp Jaha renamed Arkadia, under new management. It gets revealed that an artificial intelligence called ALIE was responsible for the nuclear apocalypse on Earth.

Clarke destroys ALIE during the season finale. It also gets revealed that the world is facing another nuclear disaster.

Season four showcases how the world faces another nuclear apocalypse and how the survivors try to overcome it. During the remaining seasons, the survivors from the Ark try to overcome many hurdles to find a place suited for human habitation.

In the penultimate season, the survivors discover that the Earth has become habitable again. Clarke and her friends return to Earth to lead a peaceful life.


The series received positive reviews from critics for all the seasons. The critics applauded the show’s narrative and its ability of world-building.

They also appreciated the following seasons’ vivid visuals, interesting characters, and fast-paced storyline.

The 100 became the most-watched show on The CW’s time slot during its premiere season.


For its grand scale, storyline and acting, the series has received several award nominations since its start.

It has received nominations for prestigious awards such as Primetime Emmy Awards, Leo Awards, MTV Fandom Awards, Saturn Awards, Teen Choice Awards, and Golden Reel Awards, to name a few.

The 100 won the Best Youth-Oriented Series award at the Saturn Awards in 2015. For her portrayal of Lexa, Alycia Debnam-Carey won the Fan Freakout of the Year at MTV Fandom Awards in 2016.

Rolling Stone magazine ranked the series at number 36 on its 40 Best Science Fiction Shows list in 2016.