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The Ultimate Riverdale Quiz | 30 Questions

Riverdale is a 2017 drama series based on the popular Archie comics and characters.

The series was initially conceived as a feature film for Warner Brothers Pictures but was transformed into a series idea for Fox and later was pictured for CW.

Instead of the original theme of romantic comedy, the series takes on genres like crime and mystery. The series ran for six seasons and 110 episodes.

Cast and Characters

Archie, played by KJ Apa: The lead character of the show, Archie, is a former football player who is now an ex-army sergeant. He currently serves as an RROTC instructor and is in a relationship with Betty, though he has feelings for Veronica.

Jughead Jones, played by Cole Sprouse: The narrator of the story and Archie’s best friend. Jughead Jones currently serves as an English teacher at Riverdale High School.

Betty Cooper, played by Lili Reinheart: An FBI agent who had a longtime crush on Archie and is now in a relationship with Archie.

Veronica Lodge, played by Camila Mendes: Veronica was the most popular girl and part of the gang during high school. She left Manhatten after her father was imprisoned. She is currently recovering from an abusive marriage and is dating Reggie.

Reggie Mantle, played by Charles Melton/ Ross Butler: The former football rival of Archie Andrews and owner of his family’s car dealership.

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Hiram Lodge, Played by Mark Andrew Consuelos: Veronica’s Father and the primary antagonist of the series, control a criminal empire with the help of his wife behind bars.


Nothing is as it seems in the sleepy town of Riverdale. A group of teenagers explores the corruption and the mystery after the death of their schoolmates.

The series often switches between teenage drama with crime, mystery, and paranormal themes throughout the seasons.


The show generally received positive reviews from fans and critics. Riverdale is streamed on Netflix and enjoys widespread popularity across Australia.

Awards and Accolades

The Riverdale series has won and was nominated for numerous awards like Saturn Awards, People’s Choice Awards, Teen Choice Awards, MTV Movie, TV awards, etc.

It won the 2017 Teen Choice Awards for Choice Breakout TV Star, Choice Drama TV Show, Choice TV Ship, and the 2019 Teen Choice Awards for Choice Drama TV Actor, Choice Drama TV Actress, and Choice Drama TV Show.

Riverdale won the People Choice Awards for Drama Show of the year 2018, was nominated for Drama TV Star, Female TV Star award for the year 2018, and Drama Show for Male Star of 2020, and was nominated for Female TV Star of the year 2020.


As the show is in its sixth season, a new possibility of an alternate universe called Rivervale. This season introduces Sabrina, the teenage witch, into the cast.

This gives a chance to cross over to series like the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the Teenage witch, and Katy Keene, characters of the Archieverse.

Both of these characters have their spin-off versions as well.