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Should I Be A Stay At Home Mom Quiz

Should I Be A Stay At Home Mom?

When you thought starting a family was difficult enough, you’re considering switching from working mom to stay-at-home mom. Consider the below-mentioned variables to discover if being a stay-at-home mom is suitable for your family.

·  Finances

Before you decide to quit your career to remain at home with the kids:

1. Take a look at your finances.

2. Sit down with your spouse and discuss everything from how much you pay someone to watch your children while you work to how much you spend on gas, eating out, and buying work attire.

3. Compare those figures to your earnings to see if you’ll be able to make ends meet or if you’ll be able to save money along the road. You might be astonished to hear that the money you thought you were bringing home is actually going to childcare and your daily commute.

·  Emotions

Ignore parents’ comments about how a wonderful mother stays at home. You don’t need guilt or bullying to convince you to become a stay-at-home mom.

should i be a stay at home mom quiz

It would help if you felt personally satisfied that your decision is the best for your family. You should desire to be a stay-at-home mom before you jump into this usually gratifying, sometimes frustrating existence as your children’s full-time cook, maid, chauffeur, playmate, and nap warden.

Millions of youngsters who grew up with working parents have gone on to become successful and loving people. The same is true for children who have a parent who stays at home.

·  Feelings Of The Spouse

Before becoming a stay-at-home mom, talk to your partner about how this decision will affect your relationship. Life will alter almost as much for you and your partner as it did when you welcomed your firstborn home.

You’re more likely to split housework and errands if you and your partner both work. You must work together as a group. Even if you’ve been cooking, cleaning, and parenting your children for the previous ten hours, your spouse isn’t going to come in and take over your shift.

Just because you’ve been home all day doesn’t mean he shouldn’t help out anymore.

It’s a game of giving and taking. On the one hand, your partner must recognize that you have been working all day. On the other hand, it’s vital to remember that just because the other parent is home following a long day at work doesn’t mean you’re off the clock.

·  Future Work Plans

Will you miss wearing a suit and sitting in an office as your children grow older? Potential employers who don’t value the sacrifices a stay-at-home mom makes for her family may be turned off by a gap in your résumé when you’re not working.

To keep your résumé current, you can always volunteer, take on a part-time job, or work from home. If that’s not an option when you’re ready to return to work, be diligent in your job hunt.

Even if you are confident in your decision today, there will be days when doubt creeps in. Just keep in mind that your decision does not have to be irreversible. If this is not the perfect time, you can always return to work or leave your employment later.