Friday, June 7

Is My Husband Gay Quiz

Gay husbands hide their status of homosexuality from their wives and do not attain their level of honesty on their own. If it is the woman who has confronted the homosexual spouse with evidence after thinking anything is awry.

However, if you’re thinking, “Is my husband gay?” It may be helpful to know that there are warning signals to watch.

Sex With Your Partner

· Early in your marriage, there is a drop-in sexual activity that never returns.

· He attempts to persuade you that sex declines in all relationships, even if you’ve just been together for a few years.

· Is your hubby constantly avoiding sexual intimacy with you? Or maybe he’s always had little to no desire? If he’s tough to arouse or appears to be on-off during intimate times, he might be suffering from a medical condition – or he could be homosexual.

Sex Toys

· His sexual performance is mechanical rather than emotional, and he lacks pleasant foreplay.

· He apprises you that he asks you to use sex toys on him because his prostate needs to be stimulated or he enjoys kinky sex.

Sex Pills

· He claims to be “depressed” and will blame his lack of sexual interest in you on his sadness or depression medication.

· When you have normal sexual demands, he is put off by it and accuses you of being oversexed, aggressive, or a nymphomaniac.

is my husband gay quiz

· You discover sexual enhancers, such as Viagra tablets, in his private hiding spots, but you know he hasn’t tried to have sex with you.

Browsing History

· If your hubby sees or reads homosexual pornography, it is likely not out of curiosity.

· You discover homosexual pornographic on his computer, despite his protestations that they are not his.

· Regularly, he clears the computer history.

Online Sex Pleasures

· He is on a few dating websites.

· Has many gay pictures of men on his phone?

· He invests an excessive amount of time messaging individuals at odd hours.

Gay Compliments 

· He makes homophobic sex remarks regularly, or he makes too many gay comments in chats.

· Compliments from gay men tend to enhance their ego.

· If he always makes “gay” jokes or has a certain level of animosity toward gays or homosexual conduct, consider this a red flag. He may simply be against homosexuality.

Always On the Go

· He frequently travels for work, and you can’t keep track of his whereabouts.

· He begins to devote more time to the gym.

· He works and spends money to improve his appearance.

The Lame Reasons

· He claims to be “stuck” in the marriage and refuses to explain why.

· He claims to be experiencing a “mid-life crisis,” and he gets grumpy and melancholy.

Gay Friends

· He goes to homosexual bars, stating he’s merely there to hang out with his gay pals.

· He enjoys pornographic films featuring homosexual male characters.

· Is your spouse getting an unusually high number of phone calls from men? Be cautious if they are men you don’t know or men your hubby won’t talk about.