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The Ultimate New Kids On The Block Quiz | 30 Questions

New Kids On The Block is famously known as NKOTB and is an American Pop Boy band formed in 1984.

The band New Kids On The Block became successful after the 1980s and early 1990s and reached more than 70 million record sales.

The band achieved stardom in 1989 and the band disbanded in 1994.

In 2007, the band members came together and reunited to record an album and start a concert tour in 2008.

From 2010 to 2012, the band performed with Backstreet BOYS as NKOTBSB.

In 1986 the band released the group’s self-titled album.

The album was deliberately written by and produced by Maurice Star; he got featured in mid-1980s bubblegum pop material.
The New Kids on the Band traveled around the New England states, wherever Starr booked them, in bars, schools, dances, and clubs.

Top Hits OF The New Kids On The Block

· Step by Step
· You Got It
· I’ll Be Loving You
· Cover Girl
· Didn’t I
· Please Don’t Go, Girl
· Tonight
· Valentine Girl
· Let’s Try It Again
· Hangin Tough
· If You Go Away
· Baby, I Believe in You
· Games
· My Favourite Girl
· The Right Combination
· Angle Of Love
· Stay The Same

Studio Albums

· New Kids On The Block in 1986
· Hanging Tough in 1988
· Step by Step in 1990
· Face the Music in 1994
· The Block in 2008
· 10 in 2013

Holiday Albums

· Merry, Merry Christmas in 1989

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· Hanging challenging tour in 1998
· Magic summer tour in 1990-1992
· Face the music tour in 1994
· The New Kids On The Block was live from 2008-to 2010
· South American and Mexico Tour in 2012
· European Tour in 2014

Awards And Nominations

In 1990, the band got nominated for Grammy Awards for Best Music Video, Long Form, for Hanging Tough.

In 1990, the band won two American Music Awards in the category Favorite pop/rock band/duo/group for the song Hangin Tough.

Members Of The New Kids On The Block

  1. Jonathan Knight
  2. Jordan Knight
  3. Joey Mclntyre
  4. Donnie Wahlberg
  5. Danny Wood

Past members

· Mark Wahlberg
· Jamie Kelly

Jonathan Knight

Jonathan Knight was birth on 29 November 1968 in Boston, Massachusetts, United States.

He is a famous American singer, dancer, real estate developer, and television host.

His parents were Canadian, and he was one among six children t his parents.

Jordan Knight

Jordan is a famous American singer, songwriter, and actor. He is a lead singer in the band New Kids On The Block.

Jordan was birth on 17 May 1970 in Worcester, Massachusetts, United States.

Joey McIntyre

The original name is Joseph Mulrey McIntyre; Joey is a famous American singer, songwriter, and actor.

He was birth on 31 December 1972 in Needham, Massachusetts.

He is the youngest member of the band.

Donnie Wahlberg

The original name is Donald Edmond Wahlberg Jr.

He is a famous American singer, songwriter, rapper, actor, record producer, and film producer.

He was born on 17 August 1969 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Danny Wood

Daniel William Wood is a famous American singer, songwriter, record producer, and rare actor.

He was born on 14 May 1969 in Dorchester, Massachusetts.