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The Ultimate Money Heist Quiz | 30 Questions

Money Heist

The largest robbery in history is planned by an enigmatic individual known as The Professor. To carry out this plan, he enlists the help of eight of the country’s most dangerous criminals.

The criminals are Tokyo, an experienced robber; Berlin, the ringleader; Moscow, the drilling expert; Rio, the computer scientist; Nairobi, the counterfeiter; Denver, Moscow’s son; and Helsinki and Oslo, Balkan war veterans.

The plan is to enter Spain’s Royal Mint and print €2.4 billion in fewer than 11 days without spilling a single drop of blood. The gang kidnaps 67 people, including the British Ambassador’s daughter. They consistently avoid being caught by the authorities because the mastermind operates on the outside.

At the 46th International Emmy Honors, the series garnered multiple awards, including the International Emmy Award for Best Drama Series and critical acclaim for its clever narrative, interpersonal dynamics, directing, and attempt to modernize Spanish television.

The Plot

Money Heist is a lex Pina-created Spanish heist crime thriller television series. The series follows two long-planned heists organized. The heists on the Royal Mint of Spain and one on the Bank of Spain, as related by one of the thieves, Tokyo.

The series was initially supposed to be a two-part limited series. It recut the series into 22 shorter episodes and published it internationally, commencing with the first part on December 20, 2017, and the second on April 6, 2018.

Netflix revived the series in April 2018 with a slightly enhanced budget for 16 additional episodes. The show was shot in Madrid, Spain.

Money Heist facts

In 2018, the Italian anti-fascist song Bella ciao, which appears several times during the series, became a summer smash across Europe.

By 2018, the series has become the most-watched non-English-language series on Netflix and one of the most-watched programs, with resonance with viewers from Mediterranean Europe and Latin America.

After taking 67 people prisoners inside the Mint, the squad intends to stay for 11 days to print money while dealing with special police forces.

Following the transition to Netflix, the series was the most-watched series on Netflix for six weeks in a row and became one of the most popular programs on IMDb. At the same time, people flooded social media with photos of themselves dressed as robbers and donning costumes at the Rio Carnival.

At the same time, Dal symbols were shown on enormous banners in Saudi Arabia football stadiums. In the summer of 2018, Muse Grvin in Paris placed sculptures of the robbers in their wax museum.

Although the first two parts of the program were well received, the local market in Spain needed to convince Antenna 3 to continue the series, and it was shelved until worldwide reaction grew to the point that the actors and crew were asked back for another two seasons.


On several occasions, actual heist guys imitated the fictitious thieves’ infiltration plans by wearing the show’s red outfits and Dal masks. As a result, robber costumes were prohibited at the 2019 Limassol Carnival Festival as a security precaution.

The public response, according to the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, reflects the climate of global disenchantment, with the robbers representing the ideal antiheroes, and the New Statesman explained the show’s resonance with international audiences because of the social and economic tensions it depicts, as well as the utopian escape it offers.