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The Ultimate Lil Tjay Lyrics Quiz | 30 Questions

Tione Merritt, better recognized by his stage name ‘Lil TJAY,’ is an American hip-hop artist/rapper. TJAY grew up in New York, not distant from the motherland of hip hop. His knowledge of the genre’s history, on the other hand, is limited.

TJAY had a problematic childhood, spending much of his term reaping into scoundrels and fighting with other boys. He also engaged in petty robberies. In 2016, he was convicted to a year in a New York youth detention center for robbery.

TJAY began visiting recording studios after his debut in 2017. He’d previously composed a couple of choruses on his instruments. He recorded ‘Resume’ on his initial call to the studio.

It received positive feedback, resulting in additional trials and a record contract with Columbia Records. TJAY released his main extended show, ‘No Comparison,’ in December 2018. TJAY is currently working on his first studio album, according to a conference publicized on ‘Pitchfork.’

Onset Of Career

Tjay began his singing profession by uploading self-penned songs to SoundCloud. Initially, fans had mixed feelings about him. However, he continued to work hard in order to give rise to his huge numbers.

A few songs, such as ‘Resume’ and ‘Brother’s,’ received significant recognition and assisted Tjay boost recognition in the music industry. He has given the American music industry different excellent and chart-topping songs.

On October 11, 2019, he released his authorized debut studio album ‘True 2 Myself.’ The Recording Industry Association of America granted its Gold certification. It peaked at number five on the Billboard Hot Albums chart in the United States.

Other major music markets, such as the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the Netherlands, reacted favorably to the same album.

Tjay released two extended plays, ‘F.N.’ and ‘No Comparison.’ Tjay has established himself as one of the prominent rappers in the American hip-hop business after releasing a slew of hit singles.

He was featured in other artists’ songs and received praise from the music community.

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Musical Breakthrough 

Tjay was permitted his independence in late 2017 after finishing a year in minor custody. When he was released, he released “Resume,” which he documented the first time he was in a department.

Tjay didn’t have much of a social media presence when he published the song on SoundCloud. His only social media platform was Facebook.

According to his estimates, the song had 5,000 listens on the second day of its release. Soon after, it went viral, accompanied by a homemade video of Tjay smoking and socializing in a small, plain, white-walled flat.


Lil Tjay sings in English and encompasses Spanish, impacted by his upbringing in the Bronx (on Slattery Avenue). He does not speak Spanish fluently. His verses are half-sung, and his songs have “Auto-Tuned hooks.”

He has been related to A Boogie wit da Hoodie, another New York rapper. In a conference with Rolling Stone, he mentioned Drake and Meek Mill as musical influences.

Lil Tjay illustrated his melody as retaining a rhythmic tone when singing or rapping about his prior quarrels in the same interview. Lil Tjay also attributes his success to his year in prison, during which he claims his proficiency to compose lyrics peaked.

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