Thursday, June 6

Can You Name These Lego Ninjago Characters Quiz | 20 Questions

The Lego Ninjago was a theme that Lego introduced in 2011. This is the first theme based on Ninja after discontinuing the earlier Ninja lego theme.

The theme focuses on six teenage ninjas led by Lloyd Garmadon and the legendary Green Ninja. The main characters of the show are known as Elemental Masters, and this also means that all of them have elemental powers.

They are trained by the martial art form “Spinjitzu” by their wise and ancient teacher Master Wu.

We have made a quiz on Lego Ninjago characters, so you should play our Lego Ninjago quiz if you are a true fan of Lego Ninjago. In the quiz, you have to answer the character’s name by the picture.

So let’s start with the lego Ninjago quiz!