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The Ultimate Futurama Quiz | 30 Questions

Created by Matt Groening, Futurama is an animated science fiction series that initially aired on the Fox network. Groenig envisioned the series in the mid-1990s while working on The Simpsons.

Groenig discussed the idea with David X. Cohen and got him on board to develop characters and storylines for a pitch to the Fox network. The series aired on Fox till 2003.

Comedy Central began airing the series in 2008. The four direct-to-video films released in 2009 became the content for its fifth season on Comedy Central. The show aired on Comedy Central from 2008 to 2013.

Hulu has revived Futurama in February 2022, with the new season premiering in 2023.

Voice Cast

While the series mainly focuses on the lead characters of Philip J. Fry, Turanga Leela, and Bender Bending Rodriguez, portrayed by Billy West, Katey Sagal, and John DiMaggio, respectively, it also features other main characters.

The other main cast includes the characters of Hubert J. Farnsworth, Dr. John A. Zoidberg, and Zapp Branigan, all voiced by Billy West.

Other main characters include Lauren Tom as Amy Wong, Phil LaMarr as Hermes Conrad, Maurice LaMarche as Kif Kroker, Tress MacNielle as Mom, and Frank Welker as Nibbler.

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In the 31st century New New York, Futurama follows employees’ lives at an interplanetary delivery company, mainly Fry, Leela, and Bender.

New New York City is a future version of the present-day New York City. Global warming, substance abuse, and inflexible bureaucracy have become common problems in the 31st Century.

Like New York City, several other places have also become a worse version of themselves. For instance, Los Angeles of the future is an apocalyptic, smog-filled wasteland.

Despite the climatic ordeals, several technological developments occurred until the 31st Century. Internet in the future is immersive with content mainly featuring pornography, filthy chat rooms, and pop-up ads. It also contains some educational material for the youth.

Despite technological advancement, television was still a primary mode of entertainment. One of humankind’s greatest inventions, the wheel, has become obsolete, and transportation tubes and hover cars have replaced it. Due to exhaust from systems, self-aware robots are causing global warming.

Every day animals exist along with their mutated counterparts and extraterrestrial animals. The ill effects of greenhouse gases are very much prevalent.

Religion has also undergone reforms, with new beliefs such as Oprahmism, Robotology, and Star Trek fandom coming into existence.


Futurama received critical acclaim, and the critics termed it funny and inventive. The reviews for the show have always been positive, right up to its seventh season.

Due to the series’ popularity, the makers released various merchandise such as video games, clothes, calendars, figurines, and a tie-in comic book series.


TV Guide named the show one of the top 60 Greatest TV Cartoons.

Futurama received several awards and nominations. The series won nine out of its 17 Annie Awards nominations and six Emmys out of twelve nominations.

The series received nominations for the Writers Guild of America Award four times. It also received a Nebula Award nomination and won two Environmental Media Awards.