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The Ultimate Family Guy Quiz | 30 Questions

Family Guy is known as one of the longest-running animated sitcoms that are known for its edgier humor that parodies the American way of life and culture.

The show initially aired on the Fox channel in 1999 and has over twenty seasons with 389 episodes. Seth MacFarlane conceived the show.

Family Guy’s “metafictional cutaway gags” are highly popular and acclaimed. The series has won numerous awards over the years and is a pop-cultural icon.


The plot revolves around Peter Griffin, his Family, and friends in the fictional town of Quahog, Rhode Island.

Cast and Characters

Peter Griffin, played by Sam McFarlane:

Peter Griffin is the father of three, Chris, Megan, Stewie, and Lois’s husband. He also owns an anthropomorphic dog named Brian.

He has a blue-collar job and is 47 years old. He is portrayed as a lazy, obese, unintelligent manchild. He is often the protagonist of crazy adventures that lead his Family or friends in danger.

His archenemy is a giant chicken, often serving as a running gag throughout the series.

Lois Griffin, played by Alex Borstein

Lois Griffin is portrayed as the stereotypical American mother and wife. She often acts as the voice of reason in the adventures and is a highly sassy woman.

Brian Griffin, played by Seth Macfarlane.

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The Family’s Anthromorphic Pet dog is portrayed as a sane member of the Family. Brian is a wannabe writer and is best friends with Stewie.

He regularly goes on incredible yet idiotic adventures with Stewie.

Meg Griffin, played by Mila Kunis

Meg is the eldest of the Griffin children and perhaps the brightest after Stewie. She is often ignored and ridiculed by other characters.

She is also not popular in her school and always is looking for a romantic interest.

Chris Griffin, played by Seth Green.

Chris is the fifteen-year-old middle child of the Griffin family.

Though often portrayed as a younger version of Peter Griffin with the same laziness and stupidity. But is often better than his father.

Stewie Griffin, played by Seth Mcfarlane

Stewie is portrayed as an exceptionally bright and intelligent toddler. He is the youngest of the Griffin children and is his best friend of Brian.

Stewie also has a distinct British accent compared to others.

Glen Quagmire, played by Seth MacFarlane

Peter’s best friend, who is a sex addict and commercial air pilot

Cleaveland Brown, played by Mike Henry

Peter’s best friend, who is of African American descent, had his spin-off show called “The Cleaveland Show.”

Joe Swanson, played by Patrick Warburton

Peter’s paraplegic friend is a police officer and a constant in their adventures.

Reception and Accolades

The audience has well-received Family Man and, as mentioned before, is one of the longest-running Animated American Sitcoms.

Nominated for over 27 and won over 8 Emmy awards. It has also won 11 Annie awards. The show has also won Teen Choice Awards as well as the People’s Choice Awards. IGN has listed Family Guy in both “Top 100 Animated Series” and “Top 25 Primetime Animated Series”.