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The Ultimate Community Quiz | 30 Questions

Community is one of the top-rated American comedy sitcoms in the world.

The community was created by Dan Harmon, who is also the co-creator of Rick and Morty.

The series ran for 110 episodes within 6 seasons. Community was first aired in September 2009 and ran till April 2014 on NBC.

The series revolves around the Glendale Community College in Colorado and the adventures of the six main characters.

Community parodies many great pop culture references and usual TV cliches, including many other popular series.

The series has a cult fan following.


The series follows up the tale of Jeff Winger, the former lawyer who lost his license when the state bar learned that his Bachelor’s degree was fake.

He meets up with Britta and tries to seduce her by lying that he leads a Spanish study group. However, she comes in with 4 other equally goofy characters.

Together they become a proper study group and have a rock solid friendship with one another.

Their adventures often revolve around the premise of them trying to pass a test or simply skipping classes and getting on with their adult lives in a normal way.

Characters and Cast

Jeff Winger, played by Joel McHale

After getting debarred from the state bar, Jeff Winger quickly joins Glendale Community College to get a Bachelor’s degree.

He is least bothered about the grades or college but is forced to do so in order to pass. He is portrayed as the cool guy of the group and often the college.

However, he is often criticized for his overconfidence and lothario’s attitude. Throughout the show, he makes personal sacrifices and limits his alpha male ego.

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Britta, played by Gillian Jacobs

At the beginning of the series, Britta shows that she is a no-nonsense leader who is also an activist and anarchist.

Britta often serves as the voice of reason, but then we understand she is as goofy as others in the group. She is a wealthy kid who ran off from her parents to follow a particular lifestyle.

She was romantically involved with both Jeff and Troy.

Abed Nadir, played by Danny Pudi

Abed is the eccentric misfit of the group. He is a genius; however, he is stuck in the awkward cycle of social miscommunication.

He suffers from mental ailments, and the group often supports him during his worst fear, the fear of getting abandoned. He is also a film enthusiast.

Troy Barnes, played by Donald Glover

Troy was the former high school football star who messed up because of an injury and lost his scholarship.

He acts as the stereotypical macho footballer, but his friendship with Abed makes him embrace his nerdy and goofy side.

Annie had a massive crush on him ever since their high school days.

Annie Edison, played by Alison Brie

Annie is the nerdy kid of the gang. She was valedictorian material in high school, but her brief drug stint made her lose the chance for a good college.

Annie often fantasizes about Jeff and Troy. She is considered as a daughter by Pierce.

Pierce Hawthrone, played by Chevy Chase

Pierce is a multi millionaire and the heir to Hawthorne Wipes. He is the stereotypical rude, cranky and senile old guy with a bit of a problem with political correctness.

Shirley, played by Yvette Nicole Brown

Shirley is a Catholic single mother who has been divorced from her husband. She acts as the mom of the group.

Awards and Accolades

The community has won numerous awards and nominations. The series won Prime Time Emmys, Comedy Awards, Critics Choice, and the People’s Choice Awards.