Tuesday, December 19

The Ultimate Tyler The Creator Lyrics Quiz | 20 Questions

Tyler The Creator is a renowned rapper, video director, songwriter, and record producer; his real name is Tyler Gregory Okonma, famously known as his artist name “Tyler The Creator.” 

He co-founded the currently famous hip hop collective ”Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All”. Tyler started his carrier by uploading his songs to the social media platform Tumbler. His content went viral quickly and got a lot of eyeballs on it. Tyler produced his first mixtape called ”Bastard,” and later, he made his debut album ”Goblin”. 

Tyler The Creator has a rough childhood, and he found his peace in experimenting with music at a young age. Many of his songs tell us stories about his problematic past. 

Tyler The Creator has performed on many live television shows such as ”The Mindy Project” and ”Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’Fallon’ and the ”Jimmy Kimmel Live. 

Tyler hosts a carnival called Camp Flog Gnaw, which is in Los Angeles, and this carnival gathers all types of music lovers across the globe. He has also worked with mega recording brands such as sony entertainment and XL recordings. 

Tyler The Creator has recently started his garment brand named ”Golf Wang”. Tyler has received many awards as a performer and artist.

Tyler The Creator was born on 6th March 1991 at Ladera Heights, California. 

The year 2011 was the best for Tyler The Creator as he won 3 awards that year. The first one was the best new artist at the MTV video music awards. Then he got two awards at the MTV2 sucker free awards, which were must follow artist and rookie of the year award.

In 2013 Tyler got a prestigious not imitation at the Grammys for album of the year as a featured artist. The following year he was nominated for best art direction at the MTV video music awards.

Tyler currently stays in Los Angeles. He got a new house there after the success of his first album, Goblin. He also got home for his sister and mother the same year. 

Tyler also has a step younger brother. During the MTV video awards, Tyler’s mother was moved to tears. The odd future members provided shelter for Tyler during tough times, and he is forever grateful to them for that. 

Tyler The Creator has also been into controversies with organizations and magazines, and they claim that his lyrics are racial and abusive and disrespecting as well and specifically towards women.

Tyler The Creator was spotted having dinner with Kylie Jenner, and it was rumored that both of them are dating. They, later on, tweeted about it, saying they were are not dating each other.

We have made a Tyler the creator lyric quiz, so if you are a type of fan of Tyler, you should play this Tyler the creator quiz. In the quiz, you have to guess the name of the Tyler creator song by reading a portion of the lyrics.

So let’s start with the Tyler the creator quiz!