Friday, June 7

Toxic Mother Quiz

They say that our childhood is when we learn, grow, and get familiar with many things. However, if we have always been unloved, uninvolved, controlled, or your boundaries weren’t respected.

You are probably living with a toxic mother. This usually depends on how we were brought up as a kid. Growing up, we struggle with anxiety, depression, and relationship problems. If you struggle with issues due to not being treated right, here are some traits of a toxic mother.

6 Signs Of A Toxic Mother

  • 1 Self-centered

She will think about herself and her needs over yours, which is sometimes wrong because obviously, as her kid, you would keep her needs over yours.

She will ignore your needs and tell you that you dont need them at the moment, but you will see her do all the things that aren’t required of her.

  • 2 They Create Drama

They will try to make every small thing a big deal. The particular incident must be the most minimalist, but they will create havoc about it.

  • 3 Seeking Control

They try to seek control over every action or everything that you do in your daily life. As a parent, she will be concerned about you and everything you do daily.

However, sometimes it might get way too out of hand, and she will control all your actions, right from coming home o time after school/college or even after a party at your most trusted friend’s place.

  • 4 Lack Of Boundaries

Sometimes mothers can get out of hand. One can show concern sometimes, but at times that concern goes way too much. We all have a life of our own, so we also have confident choices we make.

However, sometimes our mothers can be an influence in those choices. They will try to dictate terms to us, tell us how our options aren’t worth putting forth and try to make us do what they want.

  • 5 Physically Abuse You

As kids, many of us have been hit by our parents; that’s a prevalent thing in our childhood days. However, as we grow up and become adults, we expect our parents to be more understanding.

In the case of a toxic mother, that will never be the case; they will throughout want things to go their way; if that doesn’t happen or even for the slightest mistake, they will raise their hands on us.

Sometimes be way too abusive by throwing things at us or beating us.

  • 6 No Apologies

Toxic mothers usually do not apologize for their mistakes since they think they are always right. They may be harsh with their actions or words but fail to apologize.

They will expect you to forget everything and just let things pass as if nothing happened. Sometimes, you apologize even when nothing of whatever happened was your fault.


Dealing with toxic parents can hurt your future. There are chances you might treat your kids the same way you were treated, or it might also affect your mental health or your relationship with others.