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The Ultimate The Vamps Lyrics Quiz | 30 Questions

The Vamps

The Vamps of the United Kingdom stood out from the slew of boy bands that sprang up after One Direction’s success, thanks to their constantly evolving sound and hands-on musicality.

After gaining popularity with popular cover song videos in 2012, the group quickly released their hit albums and singles.

Meet the Vamps, a platinum-selling album released in 2014, peaked at number two in the United Kingdom, thanks to the hit singles such as “Can We Dance” and “Last Night.”

The bright, acoustic-leaning pop of this album and Wake Up in 2015 gave way to the EDM-infused sound of Night & Day in 2017. The Vamps balanced these styles on 2020’s Cherry Blossom with a maturity that reflected their lives as twentysomethings.

Background information

  • Origin – United Kingdom
  • Years Active – 2011-present
  • Genres – Pop, pop-rock, indie pop
  • Labels – Mercury Records, Virgin EMI Records, Universal Music
  • Members – Connor Ball, Tristan Evans, James McVey, Bradley Simpson


Prestige Management’s Richard Rahman and Joe O’Neill were already managing James McVey in 2011. After discovering Bradley Simpson on YouTube, McVey decided he wanted to form a band.

Toward the end of 2011, the pair collaborated on songwriting, with Simpson eventually taking over as lead singer. Simpson and McVey met Tristan Evans on Facebook in 2012.

Connor Ball was then introduced to the group by a mutual friend. The band began uploading cover songs to their YouTube channel in mid-2012.

Music career

On July 22, 2013, the band posted their first original song, “Wildheart” (later re-titled “Wild Heart”), to YouTube, where it received over 46,000 views in the first two days. They published the music video for their debut single, “Can We Dance,” on August 6, 2013, and it received over 1 million views in two weeks.

“Can We Dance” was released on September 29, 2013, and debuted at number two on the UK Singles Chart on October 6, 2013. It was defeated to the top spot by OneRepublic’s “Counting Stars,” which sold 1,250 more copies.

On November 19, 2013, the band announced that their debut album would be released around Easter. The Vamps announced their second single, “Wild Heart,” on November 22, 2013.

Three days later, the song received its first airplay and was released on January 19, 2014, reaching number three on the United Kingdom Singles Chart the following week.

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The Vamps announced their debut album’s release date on March 13, 2014: April 14, 2014. The album’s title, Meet The Vamps, was revealed on March 22. The third single from the record, “Last Night,” was released on April 6.

In the UK, it debuted at number two. Meet The Vamps came at number two on the Irish Albums Chart on April 17, edging out Paolo Nutini’s Caustic Love to take the top spot. On the UK Albums Chart, the same album dethroned The Vamps.

The Vamps announced in February 2015 that they had launched their record label with Universal Music and EMI Records, having approved the American pop-rock band The Tide as their first act, but the brand had yet to be named.

It was only in October that the name Steady Records was revealed.

The album was published on October 16, 2020, and debuted at number one on the United Kingdom charts. The album set the record for the most significant drop from number one in UK history in its second week, lowering 71 places to 72 on the album charts. The album spawned three more singles, “Chemicals,” “Better,” and “Would You.”


  • Meet the Vamps
  • Wake Up
  • Night & Day
  • Cherry Blossom

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