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The Ultimate The Sopranos Quiz | 30 Questions

Known as one of the most outstanding TV Series of all time, The Sopranos has enjoyed a cult following throughout the years.

The American Crime Drama series premiered on HBO in 1999, inspired many great series and actors, and was the base of many characters. David Chase created the show, and the series gained cult status worldwide.

It won countless awards and spawned the film Many Saints of Newark as a prequel to the series. The series ran for six seasons and 86 episodes.


The plot revolves around the Mafia, aka Italian American Crime Families of New Jersey, and the leading mobsters in the ring. The story focuses on Tony Soprano and his family, the real one, and his crime family.

The difficulties of managing his criminal affairs and the upkeep of a typical family image in front of his growing children take a toll on him, and he consults a psychiatrist.

The show revolves around his life and circumstances that force him to take more drastic steps compared to the golden days of crime during the time of his father and uncles.

Cast and Characters

Anthony John Soprano or Tony Soprano, played by James Gandolfini.

Arguably one of the most fantastic characters in modern tv-series and literature, James Gandolfini portrays the protagonist/antihero Tony Soprano.

He is the street boss of his crime family and is seen as a contender to his Uncle, Corrado Soprano, or “Uncle Junior,” the actual crime boss.

He takes care of Christopher Moltisanti, the son of his favorite uncle ( as portrayed in the movie), and teaches him the ropes of the trade.

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Edie Falco plays Carmela Soprano.

Wife of Tony Soprano, Carmela married him at a very young age. She constantly acted as a pillar of support for his illegal activities yet has underlying guilt, making her show temper tantrums often.

She is a homemaker and loves her children very much. She believes Tony to be a sort of Robin Hood figure.

Meadow Soprano, played by Jamie-Lynn Sigler

Tony Soprano’s firstborn child is an extroverted and popular kid in high school. During the initial seasons, it is shown that she is somewhat aware of her father’s crimes, but not to the extent.

She at first chose a medical degree and then, later on, switched to a legal career.

Anthony John or AJ Soprano, played by Robert Iler

The younger son of Tony Soprano is a troubled child and an underachiever during the initial seasons.

“Paulie Walnuts” Gualtieri, played by Tony Sirico.

One of Tony’s oldest friends and a capo of the DiMeo crime family. He is shown as fiercely loyal and very violent.

Silvio Manfred Dante, played by Steven Van Zandt

Tony’s right-hand man and the consigliere of the DiMeo Crime Family. Often the voice of reason within the organization and a big fan of Mafia Movies.

Dominic Chianese plays Junior Soprano.

Tony’s uncle and the figurehead boss of the DiMeo Crime Family. He holds a deep grudge or jealousy toward Tony.

Christopher Moltisanti, played by Michael Imperioli

The nephew/protege of Tony and a Capo within the family.

However, he is easily misled, has uncontrollable violent outbreaks, and is very impressionable, causing Tony many problems.

Awards and Accolades

The Sopranos has won numerous awards and was nominated for even more.

Sopranos has won Emmy Awards, American Film Institute’s Drama Series, and was nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award – Outstanding Drama Series every year it was aired.