Thursday, June 6

How Well Do You Know Your Teenager Quiz

Do you know your teenage children? Do you consider you have what it takes to say you know your teenager? You may have previously believed that you did not know your children well enough. You may now be certain!

Communication With Teenager

· Establishing a family culture of mutual respect and keeping communication open from a young age can assist with the teen years.

· Open channels of communication should be established as soon as possible.

· It will be far more difficult to regain control of your teenager if you wait until they have reached full-fledged rebellion mode.

Teenagers Search for Their Identities

· Teens are tempted to find significance in romance, school, friends, popularity, privilege, money, technology, and even their bodies.

· Teenagers are striving for their identity in the same way we are looking for our place in the world.

· They are undergoing the physical and emotional shift to independence and are passionately searching for the thing that will define our existence.

Teenagers In the Most Tech-Savvy Generation

· Teens, unlike previous generations, do not regard Wi-Fi as a luxury or novelty; instead, it is a fundamental entitlement.

· They utilize technology to interact with their friends, meet new people, study for school, work, play and enjoy themselves.

· Their collective socializing ground is social media, where we seek to interact with others—and where we fear isolation.

They Despise Being Compared

· It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of comparing our children.

· Everyone has unique skills, abilities, strengths, and shortcomings.

· When you’re tempted to use a sibling as an example of the conduct you want to see in your adolescent, resist the desire.

Stop Attempting to Dominate Them

· But, in truth, you have little influence on your adolescent. In reality, you haven’t had control over your child since birth.

· You can comfort, soothe, encourage, impose penalties, love, support, provide recommendations, and provide advice.

· The more they perceive you to be a supporting actor in their life rather than their commander, the more likely he will be to listen to your thoughts and opinions.

how well do you know your teenager quiz

Discussing Sex with Your Teenager

· Let your teenager know you’re interested in understanding things from their point of view and asking them what they believe about sexual identity.

· Be prepared to discuss your youngster’s difficulties or concerns and tell your teenager that they do not need to feel ashamed.

· Inquire about what your youngster currently knows, then offer new knowledge and clear up any misconceptions.

Best Buddy of Your Teenager

· During adolescence, friendships are incredibly crucial.

· Teen connections provide a sense of acceptance and belonging for young people.

· They promote the development of compassion, care, and empathy, and they play an essential role in developing a sense of self outside of the family.

Teenagers Require Their Parents More Than Ever Before

· They require patience, accountability, and grace, particularly from their parents.

· Teens are more reliant on their parents than ever before as they journey to independence and embrace their adult identities.

· They may believe or say the contrary, but they rely heavily on their parents’ knowledge, encouragement, support, and experience to lead them.