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The Ultimate Grimm Quiz | 30 Questions

Grimm is a fantasy drama series that aired on NBC. The series, produced by Univeral Television, aired from October 2011 to March 2017. The show’s creators are David Greenwalt, Jim Kouf, and Stephen Carpenter.

The series was to air initially on CBS, but the makers moved it to NBC due to the writers’ strike in 2007-2008. The series aired for six seasons on NBC and had 123 episodes.

The sixth season of Grimm aired on NBC from January 2017 to March 2017.


The main cast of Grimm includes David Giuntoli as Detective Nick Burkhardt and Russell Hornsby in the role of Detective Hank Griffin.

Apart from them, the main cast includes Bitsie Tulloch as Juliette Silverton and Eve, Silas Weir Mitchell as Monroe, Sasha Roiz as Captain Sean Renard, Reggie Lee as Sergeant Drew Wu, Bree Turner as Rosalee Calvert, and Claire Coffee as Adalind Schade.

Danny Bruno, Jacqueline Toboni, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, and Damien Puckler play prominent recurring characters.

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Grimm is a cop drama featuring characters from Grimms’ Fairy Tales. The series adds a dark twist to the fairy tale characters. Apart from the fairy tales, the storyline of Grimm employs characters and stories from other sources too.

The series follows the life of detective Nick Burkhardt. He finds out that he is a Grimm and a guardian of maintaining a balance between humans and mythological creatures, also known as Wesen.

The pilot episode revolved around the Brothers Grimm story about a wolf-man who killed women wearing red.

Burkhardt battles an array of dangerous creatures with the help of his partner, Detective Hank Griffin, and his Wesen friend, Monroe.

The series mentions two opposing groups- Black Claw and Hadrian’s Wall- with the creatures belonging to these two groups.


At the start, Grimm received mixed reviews from critics. The critics’ reviews got better as the series progressed.

The series, according to critics, is an entertaining spin on fairy tale monsters and is well-paced, engaging, funny, clever, and tense simultaneously. The cast of the series also got a special mention from the critics for being appealing.

Grimm was the number one new drama on NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox, according to the ratings. The first season had 6.4 million viewers in the United States. These ratings prompted the makers to renew the series for a second season.

Spin-Off and Related Media

Dynamite Entertainment released a monthly comic book series called Grimm Comic Books in May 2013. The comic book series had twelve issues; the last one was released in April 2014.

Three novels based on the television series were released. The Icy Touch by John Shirley, The Chopping Block by John Passarella, and The Killing Time by Tim Waggoner were parts of the novel series.

NBC announced a spin-off series in October 2018. The series meant to revolve around another Grimm got canceled in June 2021.


Grimm received nominations at the People’s Choice Awards and Creative Arts Emmy Awards in the Favourite TV Drama and Outstanding Stunt Coordination categories.