Saturday, December 23

Am I In A Abusive Relationship Quiz

See signs of toxicity in your relationship? Toxic relationships are the initial signs of an abusive relationship. Then it’s time you seek professional help or get out of the relationship.

You can see many red flags if you’re trying to figure out if you are in an abusive relationship. Sometimes we tend to ignore those signs because we love our partner or hope for them to change. Tolerating abuse means that it will keep happening all the time until we take a step to stop it at once.

Signs You Are In An Abusive Relationship

  • 1 Verbally Abusive

Every relationship has arguments, sometimes even fights. However, it gets toxic when those little arguments and fights become abusive. Your partner loses control and doesn’t care about what they say.

They will want to ensure that things go their way through words or actions. They will try to put you down and not care about your feelings.

  • 2 Threatening

Your partner will try to dictate terms to you and get things done their way. However, they might threaten you if you refuse to do as they say.

They might threaten you by saying if you dont do, as they say, they will do something to themselves.

They might also threaten you by saying they will do something to your loved ones or telling you that they will kill you, even if it’s a joke. They may not always resort to actions.

However, even speaking about such things can create stress or anxiety. Hence this is considered a sign of an abusive relationship.

  • 3 Controlling Ones Actions

Everyone has the freedom to do the things they wish to do in their way. Your partner might limit certain things for you, like how often you go out and with whom you hang out, and take control of your online activities.

They constantly call or text you when you are out with friends. They might show up at your workplace or your party with friends. They will forbid you from talking to certain friends and colleagues. They will get annoyed if you make any decision without asking them first.

  • 4 Detach You From Loved Ones

When you feel that something is going wrong or bothering you, your loved ones and close friends are the ones you will go to for help. Your partner will necessarily use actions to keep you away.

They will try to manipulate you in ways that you won’t be able to say no. They will say things like, they will miss you if you go, or “I need you.” I’m sure you will not be able to say no to that.

However, this is considered a red flag sign of an abusive relationship.

  • 5 Physical Abuse

Your partner will initially try to get things done just by words; they won’t resort to physical abuse. However, if they feel you aren’t doing things their way, they will try to get physical by pinching, grabbing, or shoving.

If they get away with their acts, they will resort to slapping, smacking, throwing things at you, choking, etc.